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Remotely without the person

Features cell phone monitoring software products such as Mobile Spy, and portable audio and video surveillance equipment products such as surface mics, long distance parabolic micrphones, and covert body worn video recording devices for law enforcment and private investigators. "Mobile Spy users can now retrieve data from the phones they target in real time, without having to wait for predetermined China Led Flood Lights Factory data upload times as they had in the past. This includes text messages, GPS locations, web activity, and caller ID data - all available instantly through any web enabled device when you log in to your online account.

"The new feature greatly improves the performance of an already effective program," said a spokesperson for the site. Stealth cell phone monitoring program Mobile Spy is now available with the Live Control Panel feature, giving users the option to track the cell phone activity of a child, spouse, or employee in real time, announced today by online mobile spy-tech and surveillance resource MobileSpyGear."

Designed to allow the user to monitor the cell phone of a child, spouse, or employee with a company issued phone, Mobile Spy runs in complete stealth mode to gather all cell phone activity such as text messages, emails, caller ID data, and GPS locations and uploads the data for you to view remotely without the person ever knowing their phone is being monitored. It simply places Mobile Spy ahead of any other cell phone monitoring program in the market today, in terms of overall performance and effectiveness.

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