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Banden » “This place is like Guantanamo”

Banden » “This place is like Guantanamo”

In the public#s mind, at least, the outgoing chief executive#s time at Chelsea will be remembered for the scandals that engulfed him: the courtship of Sven-Göran Eriksson while England head coach, the tapping-up of Ashley Cole, ...

Deliberate defence, deliberate offence and the exploitation of fluid situations (movement to contact doesn#t describe it well enough) place the emphasis on very different virtues. ... Sven Ortmann *: #to defeat# doesn#t mean that #to end# here - it just means that the attack is already destined to be a failure. **: CCD = camouflage, concealment # deception. Countermeasures to enemy vision and sensors. . written by Sven Ortmann on 18.9.09 ...

Sven and Thaksin didn#t see eye-to-eye. Despite playing some very tidy football, keeping things tight at the back and hitting the heights of second place in that opening month – City#s season slowly started to crumble. ...

At least along the soundboard edge. Once I get them planar I#ll start with the tops, one cedar and one mahogany.

When I woke up today, at Sven#s place, I didn#t want anything else than to snle up close to someone and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie or listen to something soft and nice and comforting. However, that was out of the question; ...

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