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Al Franken draws map of the US - Boing Boing

Al Franken draws map of the US - Boing Boing

Senator Al Franken drew a surprisingly accurate map of all fifty US states at the Minnesota State Fair recently.

Here#s Senator Al Franken drawing a surprisingly detailed map of the USA, live on stage at the Minnesota State Fair. One cynic of my acquaintance claims he#s tracing. I dunno, looks freehand to me (even though I#ll freely admit that it ...

Back then at Olympia Jr. High in Columbia, South Carolina, I had one of those social studies teachers who handed out blank pieces of paper and had us draw a map with every new unit. Perhaps you, Gadling reader, learned geography in a ...

Tags: blank outline map, map quiz, teach, teaching geography, Teaching history, teaching map skills, teaching social studies, teaching us history, us, US Geography, US History, US map, US maps. The URI to TrackBack this entry is: ...

I create colored maps based on data in excel and paste the resulting map back into excel. Is there a way to create a Map that just shows the 50 US States? My company only does business in the US so.

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