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I play all kinds of music, but this blog will be dedicated to the experimental, the almost spiritual side of my guitar playing. You will hear dark, weird and sometimes almost scary riffs combined with warm and floating melody. What I think about before, while and after I make these "songs". And sometimes just improvisation. In the end, it all comes down to one thing - enjoying it. I hope you will, cause I do.

P.S. I feel more comfortable with english belj


utorak, 20.01.2009.


It's been a long time...
So with nothing to say, as always, here are 2 pretty old songs of mine. Some people know them...for those who don't, hope you enjoy.

And btw, those little tiny annoying missing parts (less than half a second) in the songs aren't mistakes..that's my retarded cable. Sorry.


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nedjelja, 23.11.2008.

No comment...

Nun steh ich hier, ich armer Spielmann
Und die Krähen auf den Bäumen
Sie lachen mich aus...
Doch ein neuer Sommer
Wird den Winter vertreiben
Und ich will spielen, spielen, spielen
Ein Jahr mehr oder weniger
Was macht's...?

Download Harmonica.mp3

(I'm not very good, but hell, I'm doing my best...)

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ponedjeljak, 17.11.2008.


...WaS nEvEr ReAlLy My CuP oF tEa...
I'm HaPpY...

Download oR mAyBe NoT.mp3

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srijeda, 15.10.2008.


I imagine this as sounds that go off when something is being destroyed, or someone is dying. A little bit of everything in a single flash i guess.

It may not really sound like that, but it's what i pictured.

Download Implode.mp3

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četvrtak, 02.10.2008.

What if..

I was just cruisin' and chillin' around with my friend and I started to imagine or "make" some music in my head like i always do. And it sounded really interesting. So I gave it a try, and this is what happened...

(kinda makes me think that you can make music with everything and anything around you, this is just a tiny piece)

P.S. I don't know how to name it...

Download Dunno.mp3

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ponedjeljak, 15.09.2008.


Ahhh, yes, yes..
I love my acoustic guitar!!

Download Acoustic powah =D.mp3

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subota, 16.08.2008.


I just have to get rid of some negative "energy".. Heh.
And it usually sounds like shit..

Download Negative.mp3

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nedjelja, 03.08.2008.

In unison..

No matter what I do.. There is a "thing", a strong feeling that always guides me through the darkness..
Always gets on top..
I feel it has become a part of me..it is unmatched..
And I have no intention of letting it go..

Download Tribute.mp3

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četvrtak, 31.07.2008.


Eyes closed...
Flattering colors engulf the mind...

Download sth.mp3

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