How to create the perfect garden that will boost your honey production

Ok, this article is created for those interested into boosting their gardening productivity. In other words, for people who love to boost their honey production by attracting more bees to the flowers. First, you need to know few things about gardens: Perennials are preferred by many people caring for a garden should not be sown each year. A perennial lives and yields a number of years in a row, with a persistent root that develops every spring a new strain.

Here are some features and useful tips on the care of such plants:javascript:%20void(0);
Plants that grow from bulbs fall into the category of perennial herbaceous plants. In autumn, the surface herbaceous plant (leaves, branches / stems and flowers) withers and dies, while roots persist in the ground. Examples of perennials bulbs: daffodil, tulip, lily, gladiolus, hyacinth, dahlias, begonia, canna etc. Taking care of the garden should definitely be made with proper tools. A lot of people ask me for advices and I always guide them to gardening tools review websites like gardening cultivators. You need to learn things from specialists before heisting to do the job. Any perennial plant that grows in groups that exceeded the allocated space can be divided in spring. The day before starting operation sharing perennials, they should be soaked roots to feed well.





Honey - The treatment of acne and pimples

It's time to talk about my favorite bio skin care product. I know you may think of creams or other lotions, but the product I want to talk today is... HONEY. I use honey when I'm ready to have a breakout. A year ago I had breakouts on my chin, pimples that leave behind really bad scars.

Most of the scars are gone now thanks to a natural product that I discovered: bio honey.

You need to take a little ball and pour a little bit of honey, enough to spread on your face. Make sure it's thinner. Use a cheap brush and just have fun with it. Make sure you use real bio honey and not artificial or faked honey (because there are such products on the market).

Leavit on for 15 minutes and clean your face. Do it again the next day. You'll look amazing!





Types of honey used for curative purposes

In order to be used for healing, honey must have a very high quality: to be fresh, miel bio, without strange waste. Honey can treat:
Honey Lime for sleep problems;
Eucalyptus honey for respiratory disease;
Manuka Honey (Leptospermum scoparium) for peptic ulcers, etc..

How to use honey

Do not warm honey before swallowing, by mixing it with any other food, liquid or solid (eg hot tea, hot milk, cakes, etc..). Heating destroys, as we know, most of the enzymes of honey

Especially if eaten raw, for example mixed with other foods, honey hold as much as possible under the tongue before swallowing, this will allow the finest honey substances (essential oils, minerals, glucose, etc..) To pass directly into the blood stream.

How to use honey

Feed directly into the mouth cells, these cells need of increased quantities of energy, for example:
Salivary glands, especially during meals;
Cells in the language (we are moving almost continuously, even when not talking.)
Cells in the gums that need good carbohydrates to rebuild the structure, better fed gum cells is a low risk of local disease (infections, bleeding, degeneration as periodontitis, etc..)

Feed all cells need very quickly (eg heart cells during exertion)

You need to allow sufficient time for the entire structure of language and oral bio-energy to absorb honey. This energy will be sent on the whole body, through its energy structures (meridians, chakras, etc..) If we accept this explanation we understand why, in a few seconds after swallowing one teaspoon of honey we feel strengthened and ready to continue efforts (physical and / or mental).

Inform the nervous system in a very precise about the quality and quantity of honey will soon be transported to the stomach, and later in the gut. A better informed nervous system will lead more complex digestive process, so the best nutrients in honey will get faster and more cells in the blood will be happy.

Before swallowing, try to feel and to absorb as much as possible of honey aroma and taste, try to find the origin of honey and meditate, even for a few seconds, the beautiful, pure and fine so fragrant world of flowers and bees .

To eat small amounts of honey several times a day is better than eating large quantities often.

If we look at any good book of acupuncture we see that the mouth is surrounded or connected with many of the major energy meridians of the body: stomach, small intestine, large intestine, conception vessel (Ren Mo), ship Government (Tou Mo ), heart, spleen-pancreas, etc..

When using honey as a medicine, we must keep in mind the idea that all compounds of honey to achieve "target" cells, tissues, organs, systems, functions sick.

Benefits of honey

Honey has the benefit potential of sources of over 2000 flowers, as a result, they are highly variable characteristics. Therefore, the therapist must be able, through his senses, to determine the overall quality of honey and / or its therapeutic qualities.

Worldwide, honey is best known as a food rather than as a medicine. For this reason, perhaps, the price is too low for honey beekeepers to have satisfactory benefits from its fabrication.

Nowadays, honey is reconsidered importance to human health and animals. Many specialists from countries like New Zealand, France, India etc. have shown that honey is also a drug if it is produced and used in certain circumstances. Honey can be used successfully to prevent and treat peptic ulcers (gastric bandage is considered one) for treatment of burns and for wound healing, with a strong anti-infective.

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