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Butterfly Pub Table - Round Fold Up Table - Glass Corner Table.

Butterfly Pub Table

butterfly pub table

    pub table
  • Any table that is 42" High (Standard Table height is 30")

  • flutter like a butterfly

  • a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down

  • A showy or frivolous person

  • An insect with two pairs of large wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually brightly colored, and typically held erect when at rest. Butterflies fly by day, have clubbed or dilated antennae, and usually feed on nectar

  • A fluttering and nauseated sensation felt in the stomach when one is nervous

  • diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings

butterfly pub table - Butterfly Leaf

Butterfly Leaf Pub Table by Ashley - Rich burnished dark brown wood (D442-32)

Butterfly Leaf Pub Table by Ashley - Rich burnished dark brown wood (D442-32)

With grand Old World design and a rich finish, the "Larchmont" dining room collection brings a classic beauty to the decor of any dining experience. The rich burnished dark brown finish flows over the Old World construction of the planked and pegged table tops with the thick built-up edge and the massive table legs that have a two-sided taper shape. With a strong horizontal design and stitched faux leather upholstery on the chairs, this furniture captures the true essence of Old World design. Create the perfect dining room decor with the grand style of the "Larchmont" dining room collection.

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Okra Flower

Okra Flower

This okra flower was grown by a family working with Sustainable Harvest International. Farmers working with SHI in Central America learn sustainable alternatives to slash-and-burn farming, a leading cause of rainforest destruction and poverty world-wide.
SHI helps rural people improve their incomes while restoring degraded rainforest land. Okra and the many other vegetables families are planting provide nutritious food for their tables, build healthy soils and bring in additional income.

Praise for Pollinators: Farmers' Little Helpers
Did you know that one out of every three bites of food are brought to you by the work of pollinating animals such as bees, bats, birds and butterflies?
These little farmers' helpers fertilize as much as 80% of the world's food supply* while they collect sweet nectar from flowering plants. SHI's local staff provide families with training in techniques that attract beneficial wildlife by planting flowering border crops, leaving wild spaces and protecting nearby watershed areas. Families working with SHI learn natural pest management practices and how to make organic fertilizers. These techniques ensure the health of pollinating wildlife and restore the environment, while providing the families with nutritious food and marketable crops.

Drunken duck

Drunken duck

The story is----A beer barrel slipped it's hoops and the ale ran into the ducks feeding ditch--The ducks drank the beer and fell senseless in the road! (a bit like me!) and the landlady , thinking the ducks were dead--Plucked them for the oven---- only to have the naked ducks awaken on the kitchen table!!! (that never happened to me-----yet?) ERRR. But I have awoken on the kitchen table---------! I hope she knitted them some little duck pullovers! ----In Teal blue??

butterfly pub table

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