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Looks like the Z28 is a go.... - Dodge Challenger Forum ...

Looks like the Z28 is a go.... - Dodge Challenger Forum ...

Hi guys and gals, got a RT on order, but not my first Challenger. I am an old school Mopar guy.

The pistol-grip shifter on our 2009 Dodge Challenger takes some getting used to. Not for the shape of the shifter but because its canted toward the driver so it#s difficult to tell exactly which gear I#m in, even when...

I tried #building# the car I want on the Dodge site and it seems that I need to upgrade to the next model in order to add a sunroof. Does.

Dodge better answer. Now we#ll have a 540HP Mustang and 550HP Camaro to contend with. If nothing#s available, looks like the Z28 will be my Challenger.

What a huge steaming pile that was. Growing up I would always here people talking about how good the movie was or my dad mentioning something about it.

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