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četvrtak, 31.07.2014.

Titanfall by Reloaded

Great news everyone the good folks at Reloaded have worked hard this last couple of months to bring the joy of playing Titanfall to everyone out there! The most hyped FPS of this generation is one gratifying park ride. Whatever you do in game you always end up feeling awesome. Do some parkour? Check. Kill real players? Check. Real players too skilled for you? Kill some NPCs and feel awesome again! And after all there is a huge piece of mech Titan waiting just for you to pilot it and wreck havoc all over the beautifully designed maps. Team Reloaded made all that available for free to you. So try some Titanfall Multiplayer online for free at the Reloaded official website here. Made by one of the creators of Call of Duty the game surely deserves your attention. And if you really like the game you should consider purchasing it to support further development of great multiplayer shooters like this one. See you in-game Pilot!

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Dark Souls 2 made available for free

It's middle of the summer and people are expected not to work, at all. But there are guys like crackers at Team Reloaded who just don't know when to quit.
They've been at it this whole summer, searching, probing, trying, hacking, just to bring you some new editions of your favorite games. From Software making their Dark Souls 2 multiplayer servers a tough nut to crack, but Reloaded has done the impossible: They made a public free for everyone crack for Dark Souls 2 Multiplayer! Now this ain't exactly the best news for From Software as their sales for the title could be in grave danger due to this crack release. But before they patch it you can try the multiplayer crack for free right here on the official Reloaded website.
As always pirating is not a very nice thing so if you enjoy the multiplayer part of the game you should reconsider buying it. Dark Souls 2 is an amazing game and playing co-op or invading other players is awfully addictive, so try it out!

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nedjelja, 17.03.2013.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm multiplayer cracked!

Fresh news from today, it seems that Starcraft 2 expansion already got cracked, and not only that but this version of crack even works online through! What does this mean for the gaming industry? Starcraft 2 is a major e-sports title, and a lot of Blizzards money comes from people buying the game and wanting to compete. This could change the whole settings. We will see how this continues to revolve. If you are interested in the crack head over to the crack group website and try the crack yourself. I myself am worried about the consequences this will have on the gaming industry, but it might get patched soon enough. Stay tuned for more news!

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subota, 16.03.2013.

Wordpress blog for gaming industry news

Hello everyone, I have recently stumbled upon a great wordpress blog related to the gaming world from PC to console users. Apparently, whenever the blog maker encounters a free game giveaway or early beta access to some popular game, he shares it in an interesting story on his blog.
Seeing how the economical crisis still hasn't been averted in some parts of the world, and especially how many game developers stock values have plummeted, it is always a great news to see some fresh giveaways for all of us who don't have the economical power to buy right off the bat the latest games and AAA titles.
To check out what the blogger has to say about giveaways click here or head to the link below:

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A new official steam games gift codes giveaway has begun!

With the 2013 well underway and the recent announcement of playstation 4, everyone's eyes are turned to the console gaming. Not quite? Indeed. Steam platform, the digital purchase and multiplayer platform owned by Valve© is growing in strength with every passing month. Their sales are enormous, and entirely PC based. So whoever says that PC gaming is dead, he is wrong. Plenty of AAA game developers in conjuction with markeeters around the globe have started numerous campaigns which include giveaways of some of the hottest games of 2012/2013. Games such as borderlands 2, football manager 2013, simcity, call of duty black ops 2, crysis 3.

You can find such a sponsored giveaway site on the following link, they claim to have 1200 gift codes for steam games, completely free. If you are fast enough you might get a game for your steam library! So don't lose a moment and head over there Steam Giveaway
Or check out the direct link if the above isn't working:

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