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Epic Ape Set For Big Things with Free Spins

This new slot was launched with much fanfare and publicity. Playtech is one of the leading online gaming content providers, and their software has definitely made them worthy of their long-lasting reputation. In the line of products, there are several slots that tend to stand out, and Epic Ape is definitely one of them.

Epic Ape Slot Game Play

In order to understand what’s so truly ‘epic’ about this slot’s game play, you need to learn its basics – it has 6 reels and an astonishing 4,096 ways for players to win. This makes the slot extremely volatile, and while wins may be further apart – it is worth waiting on them as long as you have the bankroll to support yourself. Part of the game play is the Epic Ape slot symbol grid, made up of the standard 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, as well as several animals of the jungle in order to fit the theme and the slot’s graphic design elements. Jaguars, frogs, panthers and chameleons are all part of it, as well as the famous ape, which is the most rewarding symbol. A diamond is used as a Wild, while the Scatter symbol is simply marked by the feature they trigger – Free Spins, as you will see below.

Epic Ape Slot Features

Bearing in mind the fact that players are given 4,096 different chances to turn a profit when playing this slot game, it is hardly believable that the slot does not offer more rewarding features. Nonetheless, once you learn all about the two features that are present, you might just give up on progressives and focus on the Epic Ape instead. Namely, one feature is triggered by the scatters mentioned previously – their combinations of 2 up to 6 symbols on the reels, awarding you between 8 and 100 free spins rounds. While this symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, the same cannot be said about the Wild diamond, as it can only appear on reels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These wilds, when stacked in any Free Spins bonus round just mentioned, activate a multiplier on all winnings. This multiplier can go up to 5x the reward, making the game play experience truly ‘epic’.

Play Epic Ape Slot Online

This release by Playtech can be accessed at any reputable Playtech online casino, read about one here, as most of them tend to include it in their game selection due to its timeless popularity. If you are interested in joining the many happy players, you should know that this game is currently accessible across all platforms. This means, you can enjoy its benefits from your desktop or laptop computer screen just as easily as from a chosen Android or iOS mobile device.

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