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Play the latest 3D slots for Free, No Deposit Required

3D graphics in online slots create a more realistic environment and increase the visual appeal of the game. Here are five amazing titles that you cannot afford to miss.

Tarzan from Microgaming

Tarzan is a branded online slot from Microgaming. The reels are set in deep African jungles and you can hear drumbeat and animal sounds in the background. An animated Tarzan stands to the left of the reels. The symbols have a toy-like 3D appearance. Tarzan, his wife Jane and his father-in-law appear expanded over two rows. Jungle animals and fruits make up the other symbols. The bonus game on the second screen is awesome where you pick from hippopotamuses lolling in the river.

Orc vs Elf from Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming is not a great provider of 3D slots, but Orc vs Elf is up there with the best. You will need a fast Internet connection for the awesome animations to play smoothly. The introductory clip shows a fierce battle between the orc and elf, which is played out again when the bonus feature is triggered. This leads to a trail of exciting and thematic games. The elf and the orc have their own set of symbols crafted in 3D with nifty win animations. They appear as expanding wilds on their respective reels. This game is available for free play, free spins and many UK no deposit casinos recommended at NoDepositRewards.

Castle Builder II from Rabcat

Castle Builder II is a combination of a slot machine and arcade game. You erect up to 75 enchanting buildings in a variety of realistically depicted locations that include snowy mountains, wild jungles and vast deserts. As you collect building material through winning combinations on the slot machine watch the 3D structure rise up before your eyes. After you have completed the ‘castle’ for the princess and collected your bonus you return to the map and pick the next location for a new assignment.

Mr Vegas from Betsoft

Betsoft was the originator of 3D slots. In fact almost all its titles are in 3D. The introductory clip is a 3D animation of Mr Vegas arriving at a casino on the Strip with two females in tow. The reels are set in a glitzy casino. The 3D symbols include cabaret dancer, Mr Vegas’ girlfriends, casino employees, neon sign, roulette wheel, blackjack table, casino chips and champagne. The win animations play across larger areas and bring Vegas night life alive. The bonus features include a spin on a mini slot and a game of roulette.

The True Sheriff from Betsoft

Betsoft deserves to be represented by two 3D slots. The True Sheriff is set in the main street of a Western town. The sheriff stands guard outside the reels. The symbols are in 3D and the win animations are awesome. You have the usual stereotypes on the reels like sheriff, bad guy, gambler and bar wench. Look out for the Wild Gun feature. The sheriff comes alive and shoots from the hip turning up to five symbols wild. During the free spins feature night falls on the town. There is even a cinematic showdown between the sheriff and the bad guy.


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When looking for the origins of the i-gaming industry, there are bound to be more than one claim to the throne, and one of them goes as far south as to the territory of South Africa. Microgaming is believed to have held their headquarters there long before they expanded to a more global framework, becoming the software giant they are today.

The History of Microgaming

Back in 1994, when the first online casino game became live, the company Microgaming claims to have been the producer behind it, as they take this to be their founding year as well. Not much is known about the first years of its establishment and stabilization, but there is one name that cannot be avoided in that context – Martin Moshal.

While he has been connected to every major moment, it is the achievements that tend to get all the publicity. As such, 4 years after their foundation and the release of the very first online video casino game, Microgaming released Cash Splash in 1998 and continuesly releases new games. This marked a new era in online gaming, as it introduced the idea of a progressive jackpot – a separate win on the slots which is increased by each bet players make and can be hit by a specific outcome on the reels. Casino operators were desperate to get their hands on it, practically making Microgaming as famous as it would remain in the next two decades.

The Controversy around Microgaming

In an industry such as this one, there is no doubt that scandals arise every now and then, and the only difference is in the media coverage they are going to attract. When it comes to Microgaming’s share of controversies, the story goes a bit more under the surface. Namely, back in the 90s, Microgaming was an operator aside from the fact that it was a software provider. They had made it part of their user policy for all casino operators they catered to have to store their data on Microgaming servers. Once that practice had been adopted, certain operators complained of the company stealing their players through the information provided, which soon led to a lawsuit and subsequent settlement, as well as a change in policy for Microgaming. It is not known who owns many of the Microgaming casinos. Its speculated that most are actually owned by Microgaming themselves.

The Milestones along the Way

Despite the few bumps on the road, Microgaming has had more than enough milestones, doubling as industry records all the same. As mentioned earlier, they are the first to introduce a progressive jackpot which you can play a no deposit bonus casinos such as this popular one called All Slots Casino.
In addition, the company is the first to introduce a slot game which is co-branded with some other kind of entertainment, in this case the Tomb Raider franchise. Soon, this turned into a massive trend in the industry, making player experiences all the more enjoyable. The latter achievement came just three years later than this one, in 2008, when the company released the first 100-payline slot. It wasn’t long after that that they reached a new record in the progressive jackpot amount paid out through one of their slots. Ultimately, Microgaming is a pioneer in slots customization, as they were the first to release My Slot – a game that allows players to design and choose graphics, making each reel to their liking. Considering the way they have managed to progress, there are bound to be many others down Microgaming’s timeline in the future.

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