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Decorative glass candle holders. Decorating window boxes for christmas.

Decorative Glass Candle Holders

decorative glass candle holders

    decorative glass
  • Studio glass or glass sculpture is the modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures or two-dimensional artworks.

  • Glass which has been formed or arranged into structure or patterns for ornamental and decorative applications. Beveled glass, camed glass, and blown glass are a few examples.

    candle holders
  • (Candle Holder) Shorter, tumbler-shaped, for stubby (votive) candles, which may have a stub stem below to fit in a wood or metal base. May also, less often, be a weighted base to hold a taper.

  • These are tools that have the sole use of keeping the lit candle from falling over. They can be ornate or simple as pleases the Witch. Since some spells and rituals require the candle to burn itself out, it is not a good idea to have a wooden candle holder.

  • (candle holder) candlestick: a holder with sockets for candles

decorative glass candle holders - Mikasa Celebrations

Mikasa Celebrations Classic 6-Inch Taper Holders Pair

Mikasa Celebrations Classic 6-Inch Taper Holders Pair

Mikasa Classic Candlesticks offer a timeless, refined look for the home. With a square base and simple lines, Classic candlesticks are offered in the 6-Inch pairs. Enjoy your own pair of elegant everyday taper holder’s classic candlesticks that will never go out of style. A great gift for any occasion. Mikasa is recognized for cutting-edge design and distribution of luxury tabletop and home decor products at affordable prices. Mikasa joined the Lifetime Brands, Inc., North America's leading resource for nationally branded kitchenware, tabletop and home decor products, in June 2008.

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Blue Candle Holder

Blue Candle Holder

This unique candle holder is a beautiful accent to any space. It is made of an assortment of blue glass, so no two are ever alike and will match any decor.

Measuring 2 3/4" square and is 4" high at its highest point, it is a great accent and conversation piece.

Lead free solder was used in its construction. Felt pads have been added to the bottom to ensure no surface is scratched and it also signed.

To be used with tealights only.

Church - Candle Holder - Stained Glass 3D (2)

Church - Candle Holder - Stained Glass 3D (2)

This candle holder (Church) is made with Tiffany method using Iridescent , palescent, waterglass, cathedral - spectrum and kokomo glass. Silvery solder was treated with an antique copper patina to give it rich and intense look.
This looks stunning at night with the candle light.

This item is designed and hand made by me using Tiffany's copper foil method.

Measuring approximately:
9-3/4" (247 mm) x 6-1/4" (159 mm) x 2-3/4" (71 mm)

decorative glass candle holders

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