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Wrought Iron Decorative

wrought iron decorative

wrought iron decorative - Ursula Dual

Ursula Dual Styled Wrought Iron Artistic Gate

Ursula Dual Styled Wrought Iron Artistic Gate

Ursula is an eye catching single styled wrought iron gate. It is created with a deep bronze color which is intertwined with subtle black hues and a touch of bright gold. Capturing the feel of the sea, Ursula charms with mirror imaged shell-like handles and small sea horses which nestle within the bottom panel. Between the shell handles shows a dynamic cylindrical pole with an alternative pattern of beads and stars. This subtle pattern adds a touch of whimsy. Despite all of these details what truly makes this gate design unique are the dual layered hearts centered boldly in the forefront. This thick and layered heart shape then bursts with scalloped swirls. Ursula's texture is fantastic the hammered frame and pickets optimize the texture. Another feature to the pickets is the alternating design of regular pickets vs. carved pickets with golden paint touches at eye level. Finally, sweeping wave-like swirls flow across to top of the gate for a lovely finishing touch. Ursula will not disappoint as this entry gate is both unique and stunning. Wrought iron is a reliable, attractive metal used for crafting gates. To begin with, it is versatile, making it suitable for a number of gate applications. It also offers a unique appearance in comparison to standard metal or wood gates, and can be customized with a variety of accessories or welded with accents of other metals, such as brass. It is so striking, that it has become a favored medium for metal sculptors for its artistic value. Finally, it is durable, a must for security and extended life. As such, we have chosen wrought iron for some of our finest and most distinctive gates.

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Wrought Iron Gate - "Tree of Knowledge"

Wrought Iron Gate -

This wrought iron gate is made of hand forged steel with a painted graphite finish. The apple and seed pods were hand raised from soft brass - a technique used to cold form objects using repeated blows with specialized hammers and stakes. The serpent was hot forged from 1" solid copper bar and finished with a Verde patina.

Avignon - Palais des Pāpes - wrought iron detail

Avignon - Palais des Pāpes - wrought iron detail

Having friends who do iron forging makes a person look at decorative ironwork in a whole different way. Outside the Palais des Papes.

wrought iron decorative

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