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04.03.2009., srijeda

How to Write a Handmade Jewelry Blog

If you have online jewelry naringslivet, loves to design jewelry, or you want to show some of your jewelry, handmade jewelry to write a blog is a good place to start. This can help you build a customer, if you plan to sell the forums of your written or it may be something done just for fun. Include as jewelry, fun places to buy beads and supplies, as well as elegant to make the draft.

Your creativity and imagination can help you to write something!


Difficulty: Moderate

What you need
Free blog account
Some jewelry articles
Some pictures to make it more " attractive"


Step one: Open a free blog account at a free blog hosting site agreement blogger. com.

Step Two: Follow the online screen to access your account and create a mini- profile about yourself, if you want.

Step Three: There are a few pictures of some projects of jewelry that you or one of your friends can be done ( make sure you have permission first) , beads or anything else that may inspire you to make jewelry. Images can attract more people to your blog.

Step Four: Start with a few blog posts. Your first post could be the introduction of your blog and why did you start it, and even some interesting facts about the handmade jewelry. The great thing is that it can be anything, because this is your blog.

Step Five: Add the channel to your blog every day, every day or maybe every week.

Hall, it is updated frequently so that your readers come back more.

Step Six: Send a link to your blog that your friends, family, or existing customers. If you are talking about the bulletin board, include it in your signature, so you can get more readers to your blog.

Step Seven: Keep in mind that fun to write, and then " good blog roll. " Get tips on making jewelry, jewelry is a business, and much more.

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A Modern Combination: Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings and Princess Cut Stones

Three stone engagement ring has come into vogue in recent years. We like that they Lotta Bling for your money, and women love the feeling of support stones. Three three stone engagement rings are usually a little cheaper than smarter Soli carat engagement rings similar weight. It depends on the larger stones are more patience is rare and therefore more expensive than the three small stones to add that to the same weight.

But other factors AR Narva and to breast- feed price, such as the stone of clarity, color, and three stone rings cut. As participation to make a lot of impressions, as a rule, couples prefer something less rich bands. This allows the eye, naturally, focused on the 3 diamond stones. Typically, three diamond stones of the nobility of the same size or the middle of a diamond can be a bit higher than other two.

Celebrity wearers, three stone engagement rings include: Madonna, who received the Edwardian Round three stone ring from her husband, Guy Ritchie Sharon Stone got three stone anniversary wedding gift from her bridge Phil Stein and his son attended Rhone. Princess ring I am sure that for most women because they are one of the most popular non- round diamond cuts. The cut has pointy horns and square shapes. This interaction between the rings were designed so that the diamond maximum brilliance and sparkle.

The real princess cut is a new innovation in the diamond industry, and there are already about 40 years. Its invention is credited M. Weistreich, Belgian diamond cutter bars. Cut technically apt version cut. Princess round brilliant cut diamonds are usually cheaper than other forms of diamond, as they require less time to cut and polish languages.

Disadvantages easily disguised form in the princess, as well as contribute to the lower ring price. Princess often by stoning. It is common to see three stone princess engagement rings and princess cut center stone with baguette diamond side accents. Diamond Princess is also good to look into eternity ring set tions.

On the cut can be used with other precious stones, too, not just diamonds. The squareness Princess format makes it more susceptible to chips. As a consequence of diamonds are usually set to clear in the four corners for ultimate protection against such damage. I recommend the princess crowd . . . . I Asscher cut diamond commitment ring, but I would not be less than happy just princess diamond too.

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Emeralds is a beryllium- aluminum silicate sparmangder infused with chromium and vanadium, which sometimes creates a beautiful green color. Despite the hardness of the mineral compound is 7. 5 to 8, Emerald is a fragile stone, which makes it difficult cut. The emeralds fragility is due to the large number of inclusions, cracks and fissures that exist.

These inclusions add to the uniqueness of each of the emeralds and accept this because of the deep rich colors give. Pure emerald and unknown why the stones, which are considered the quality of much more concern than diamonds. It obvious that emeralds have long appreciated its beauty, but in ancient cultures decorate these lapidary, not only for aesthetics, but also healing properties of stones. The attributes associated with the Emerald contain the following: 1. Emerald is known as the " stone of successful love, and faith set Interior Bliss, unconditional love, loyalty and a successful partnership with the carrier.

He also said the promotion of friendship and form aganodine to open his heart chakra. Sake bottom ller physical, emotional and mental balance through undanroja negativity and leads to positive action. Izumrud has a calming effect on your emotions. Increased mental clarity, improves memory, raises profound inner awareness and expansion of the vision. Emerald is also said to improve mental abilities and enhance clairvoyance. " Emerald" traditionally used to protect users of Enchantment, and allows them to talk about the future.

As the wisdom of the stone said to promote truth and helps bring to the surface what was already unconscious known. After the Emerald will contribute to the first agreement and cooperation, it would be useful when working in groups people. Traditionally, the parliament has been used as an antidote to poisons and riding the body of infectious diseases. He also said that the green ray beams that can help with the maceration of malignant conditions.

The Emerald is also believed to influence the healing on the body. He said that the parliament detoxication effects on the liver, improves vision, relieves rheumatism and diabetes, to treat the lungs, heart and various muscles in the body. If you decide to buy a jewel for the aesthetics, its therapeutic properties, or its beauty undeniable. Jewelry, Adel- precious stones, crystals and everything you need to know about them.

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