If Marlene lived in 2017

utorak, 04.04.2017.

When I was a teen, I always laughed at my mom's or my aunt's photos from the 80's. They all wore padded shoulders, trench coats, balloon dresses - and perm ofcourse. Well, now when I look at it - I feel pretty sorry they didn't keep it (clothes, not the perm, thank you). It is true what they say - everything comes back in circles - even the fashion.

Nowadays fashion seems to be some kind of a mix where Postwar meets 60's Psychedelia meets Johnny Rotten meets Lady Diana meets new Diesel campaign.

However, one thing is the same - his majesty (or maybe HER majesty) Trench Coat. I would always invest in one classic item as is Burberry's and then maybe in one of its crazier cousins. The thing is, whether you decide to combine it with a business suit or ripped jeans - it will always look somewhat classy.

I guess we all have seen Marlene Dietrich in "Foreign Affair" where she rocks her post - World War II trench looking tough but somewhat fragile in the same time. Believe it or not, this look is timeless:

Burberry Tropical Gabardine Trench Coat

Zara Floral Print Flowing Dress

Chanel Slingback Shoe

Today, most of the high street as well as couture brands are having a trench as one of their leading clothing piece:






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