Frankfurt time

petak, 31.03.2017.

When I was in Frankfurt it was pretty boring. Even though I've (almost) perfected my Deutsch, there wasn't much to do. Fashion is still 'German' if you know what I mean. Imagine 20 year old with Princess D haircut (Drei Wetter Taft at its best), padded shoulders and carrot cut trousers - and not in a good way believe me. Even though 80's are back (we saw it at the Vetements and YSL shows) i still think they didn't get it quite right.However, there were some particular personas who had most amazing style - like this one (even though I looked very closely, I couldn't decide what sex he/she is - doesn't matter anyway). Admire you mortals!

However, I had the chance to see new LV S/S 2017. I liked that one particular men backpack... haven't bought it though :(

What I'm gonna miss the most, is going to the KleinMarkt on Saturday mornings. Wine and food everywhere :)

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