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NATO Genocide in Afghanistan

Ali Khan argues that the internationally recognized crime of genocide applies to the intentional killings that NATO troops commit on a weekly basis in the poor villages and mute mountains of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban.

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Sloganeers, propagandists and politicians often use the word "genocide" in ways that the law does not permit. But rarely is the crime of genocide invoked when Western militaries murder Muslim groups. This essay argues that the internationally recognized crime of genocide applies to the intentional killings that NATO troops commit on a weekly basis in the poor villages and mute mountains of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban, a puritanical Islamic group. NATO combat troops bombard and kill people in Taliban enclaves and meeting places. They also murder defenseless Afghan civilians. The dehumanized label of "Taliban" is used to cloak the nameless victims of NATO operations. Some political opposition to this practice is building in NATO countries, such as Canada, where calls are heard to withdraw troops from Afghanistan or divert them to non-combat tasks.


In almost all NATO nations, the Taliban have been completely dehumanized — a historically-tested signal that perpetrators of the crime of genocide carry unmitigated intentions to eradicate the dehumanized group. Politicians, the armed forces, the media, and even the general public associate in the West the Taliban with irrational fanatics, intolerant fundamentalists, brutal assassins, beheaders of women, bearded extremists, and terrorists. This luminescent negativity paves the way for aggression, military operations, and genocide. Promoting the predatory doctrine of collective self-defense, killing the Taliban is celebrated as a legal virtue. To leave the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, says NATO, is to leave a haven for terrorism.

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A similar dehumanization took place in the 16th and 17th centuries when NATO precursors occupied the Americas to purloin land and resources. The killings of native inhabitants were extensive and heartless. Thomas Jefferson, the noble author of the Declaration of Independence, labeled Indians as "merciless savages." President Andrew Jackson pontificated: "What good man would prefer a country covered with forests and ranged by a few thousand savages to our extensive Republic, studded with cities, towns, and prosperous farms." Promoting the predatory doctrine of discovery, the United States Supreme Court later ratified the pilgrims' crimes, holding that "discovery gave an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian title (to land). ([T]he Indians were fierce savages...To leave them in possession of their country was to leave the country a wilderness."

The predators have not changed their stripes a bit. They come, they demonize, they obliterate. They do all this in the name of superior civilization.

The Facts

The NATO website lists its killings in Afghanistan. These killings are also reported in the world media, often with a shameless tone of gratitude as if NATO forces are engaged in wiping out cannibals. In 2007 alone, NATO helicopters and precision guided munitions bombed and killed over six thousand "Taliban." Read the following recent attacks, which the NATO itself reports, and smell the scent of genocide:

• On January 19, 2008, NATO launched a preemptive strike relying on "credible intelligence" that the Taliban were planning to mass on a NATO base. The attack killed two dozen "insurgents" in the Watapoor District of Kunar Province, though the exact number of casualties could not be confirmed because of the rough mountainous region. The world media reported that numerous civilians were killed and 25 bodies were buried in just one mass grave.

• On January 12, 2008, NATO forces conducted what it calls a "precise strike" on a compound in Kapsia Province targeting Taliban leaders. NATO claimed that the civilians were cleared from the compound before the attack. The claim is absurd because any removal of civilians from the compound would have alerted the battle-hardened Taliban that an enemy attack was imminent.

• On September 20, 2007, NATO forces launched "Operation Palk Wahel" to kill and remove the Taliban from an area in the Upper Gereshk Valley. Numerous civilians were killed. The evidence of the genocide was so obvious that NATO admitted that it "was unaware of civilians in the vicinity of the target and unfortunately it appears that a number of non-combatants were caught in the attack and killed."

The Law

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (entered into force, 1951) is binding on all states including the 26 member states of NATO. The Genocide Convention is jus cogens, the law from which no derogation is allowed. It provides no exceptions for any nation or any organization of nations, such as the United Nations or NATO, to commit genocide. Nor does the Convention allow any exceptions to genocide "whether committed in time of peace or in time of war." Even traditional self-defense - let alone preemptive self-defense, a deceptive name for aggression – cannot be invoked to justify or excuse the crime of genocide.

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In murdering the Taliban, NATO armed forces systematically practice on a continual basis the crime of genocide that consists of three constituent elements - act, intent to destroy, and religious group. The crime, as defined in the Convention, is analyzed below:

1. Act. The Convention lists five acts, each of which qualifies as genocide. NATO forces in Afghanistan are committing three of the five acts. They are killing members of the Taliban. They are causing serious bodily harm to members of the Taliban. They are deliberately inflicting on the Taliban conditions of life calculated to bring about their physical destruction in whole or in part. Any of these three acts committed one time constitutes the crime of genocide. NATO combat troops have been committing, and continue to commit, these acts through multiple means and weapons.

2. Intent to Destroy. The crime of genocide is a crime of intent. It must be shown that NATO combat troops and the high command ordering these troops carry the requisite intent to destroy the Taliban. Mere negligent killings do not qualify as genocide. The statements of NATO's Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and those of NATO spokesmen leave no doubt that the NATO conducts military operations to "hunt and destroy" the Taliban. Preemptive strikes to kill the Taliban are sufficient proof that NATO troops and commanding generals have specific intent to destroy as many Taliban members as they can find. The weekly murderous planning and intelligence gathering to locate and eliminate the Taliban leaders and members further demonstrate that the killings in Afghanistan are not negligent, accidental, or by mistake. For all legal purposes, NATO's incessant and deliberate killings of the Taliban are powered with the specific intent to destroy a religious group.

3. Religious Group. The Genocide Convention is far from universal in that it does not protect all groups from genocide. Its protection covers only four groups: national, ethnic, racial and religious. (Political groups are not protected). The Convention does not require the complete eradication of a protected group as a necessary condition for the crime of genocide. Even part destruction of a protected group constitutes the crime. It is no secret that the Taliban are a religious group. (They may also qualify as a national (Afghan) or ethnic (Pushtun) group). The Taliban advocate and practice a puritanical version of Islam. The Convention does not demand that the protected group advocate and practice a form of religion acceptable to the West or the world. The questionable beliefs and practices of a religious group are no reasons to destroy the group. That the Taliban are armed or support terrorism or oppress women are unlawful excuses to commit genocide. (All reasons that Hitler had to murder Jews would be simply irrelevant under the Convention).

The Holding

It may, therefore, be safely concluded that NATO combat troops and NATO commanders are engaged in murdering the Taliban, a protected group under the Genocide Convention, with the specific intent to physically and mentally destroy the group in whole or in part. This is the crime of genocide.

Ali Khan is a professor at Washburn University School of Law in Kansas. This essay is previously published in JURIST

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utorak, 15.01.2008.


Nakon Kapitulacije Italije 8.IX.1943. NOVJ dolazi do znacajnih kolicina oruzja a njenim redovima masovno pristupaju Dalmatinci. Mnogi talijanski vojnici odlucuju nastaviti borbu na strani NOVJ te se u Splitu 11.IX., dakle samo tri dana nakon objave kapitulacije, formira bataljun (bojna) “Garibaldi” a u Livnu 15.IX. bataljun “Matteoti” .

Talijanski bataljuni su daljim tijekom rata rasformirani a vojnici poslani u druge bataljune i brigade da bi popunili njihove redove i poucavali novopridosle vojnike. Prava je istina da su ti bataljuni raspusteni jer je Jugoslaviju trebala osloboditi NOVJ dakle vojska sastavljena samo od naroda koji su cinili Jugoslaviju ali ne i Talijani.

Ovom talijanskom bataljunu postavljena je spomen ploca na zgradi Biskupove palace u Splitu ali je skinuta 1998. prilikom preuredjenja palace uoci dolaska pape Ivana Pavla II u Split. Ploca se nakon preuredjenja palace nije vratila na staro mjesto nego je postavljena na jednoj zgradi pedesetak metara udaljenoj od palace. Osim sto se raspustanjem bataljuna zeljelo umanjiti doprinos Talijana u oslobadjanju ovih krajeva postavljanjem ploce na jednom tako neuglednom i neprimjetnom mjestu kao da se taj doprinos htio izbrisati. Izgleda da nije bila tako neprimjetna grafiti-majstoru ustaske orijentacije koji je plavim auto-lakom na njoj ispisano slovo “U”. Takvo unistavanje ploce nije bilo dovoljno pa se neki nadobudni pjesnik sjetio dopisati “Jebo vam Tito mater”.

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Vise od ovog ustasluka cudi brzina transformacije “crvene” Dalmacije, koja se u bivsoj Jugi ponosila brojem partizana i poginulih u NOB-u, u jednu provinciju obojanu u crno u kojoj bez ikakvih problema ulicama marsiraju crnokosuljasi, u kojoj se dogadja jedna riva, u kojoj se na trgovima spaljuju novine, u kojoj se drze mise za poglavnika...

Jesu li to sinovi iste one Dalmacije koja se ponosila svojom slavnom prosloscu ili su to dosljaci cija braca i sestre popunjavaju glasacke kutije u pogranicnim mjestima?
Zar je Dalmacija zaboravila tko je izrucio okupatorima?
Zar je Dalmacija zaboravila tko je uz naciste kriv za najveci zbjeg iz Dalmacije u pustinju Sinajskog poluotoka?
Zar se Dalmacija nadglasana "crnim vranama" pocela sramiti svoje svijetle proslosti pa sve ovo promatra sutke?

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nedjelja, 13.01.2008.


Jucer Index a danas Slobodna Dalmacija izvjestili su o posjetu G.W. Busha jeruzalemskom memorijalnom centru Yad Vashem, posvećenom žrtvama holokausta. Kako izvjescuju „Bush je sa suznim očima gledao snimke Auschwitza“.
- “Zašto to Roosevelt nije bombardirao?”, pitao je Bush tajnicu, rekao je Shalev i dodao kako je Bush na kraju zaključio: “Trebali smo bombardirati”.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAuschwitz 31.12.2007. - photo by DNK

Vratimo se malo u nacisticku proslost Busheve obitelji:

Djed George Walkera Busha zvao se Prescott Sheldon Bush. Kao sto su to i njegovi nasljednici i on je bio clan Skull & Bones, drustva koje je omogucavalo uci u kontakt sa obiteljima Harriman i Walker, koje su takodjer sudirale na Yale-u. Veza sa Dorothy Walker, kceri bogatog industrijalca George Herbert Walker, nije dala samo mnogo sinova nego i velike poslove izmedju klanova Bush i Walker (uvijek pod zastitom Harriman i Rockefeller).

20. listopada 1942., deset mjeseci nakon objave rata Japanu i Njemackoj od strane SAD-a, predsjednik Roosevelt je naredio zapljenu dionica Union Banking Corporation (UBC) kojoj je Prescott Bush bio dionicar i direktor. UBC je optuzena za financiranje Hitlera i za davanje dionica nacistickim vodjama u vrijeme kad je svaki medjunarodni kredit nacistickoj Njemackoj bio obustavljen. Obitelj Harriman i njihov partner Prescott Bush su se potrudili da preko Wall Streeta poduzmu potrebne akcije da bi preko Franza Thyssena i Friedricha Flicha – velikog Himmlerovog prijatelja i zastitnika «smedjih kosulja», SS-a i jurisnih odreda (SA) - Hitler mogao imati djelomicni pristup medjunarodnim kreditima, bez kojih nikad ne bi uspio financirati uvoz sirovina za ratnu industriju.
28. listopada 1942. Roosevelt je naredio zapljenu dionica dvije americke tvrtke koje su pripomogle Hitleru u naoruzavanju: Holland American Trading Corporation i Seamless Equipment Corporation, obje upravljane od strane banke u vlasnistvu obitelji Harriman a kojoj je direktor bio Bush.
8. studenog 1942, dok su u Africi, blizu Alzira vodjene krvave bitke u kojoj su tisuce americkih vojnika gubile zivote predsjednik Roosevelt je naredio zapljenu dionica Silesian-American Corporation, koju je godinama vodio Prescott Bush i njegov sogor George Walker. Cetiri zapljene provedene su po "Trading with the Enemy Act”, zakonu koji je kaznjavao ove koji su poslovali sa neprijateljom.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAuschwitz 31.12.2007. - photo by DNK

Uska suradnja koja je vezala Hitlera za djeda i pradjeda aktualnog americkog predsjednika Georgea Walkera Busha – i dakle ostale grane njegove obitelji – moze se reci da je pocela vec sa prvim usponom nacista na vlast. Osim sa Hitlerom obitelj Harriman, Prescott Bush i George Walker uspostavili s odnose i sa Mussolinijem. Preko ugovora sa German Steel opskrbljavali su Hitlera, izmedju ostalog, sa 50,8 % celika od kojeg se proizvodilo naoruzanje Treceg Reicha i 35 % eksplozivnog materijala kojim je Hitler unistio mnoge svoje neprijatelje.
Svaki clan Nacional-socijalisicke stranke (NSDAP) koji je imao neku funkciju imao je pravo na jedno besplatno putovanje jednom od Bushevih i Walkerovih kompanija Hamburg-Amerika Line : koja je drzala monopol u poslovanju nacisticke Njemacke i SAD-a, te je 1932. znacajno pomogla Hitlerovom usponu. Naime, Weimarska vlada je htjela narediti raspustanje Hitlerovih privatnih milicija ali je Hamburg-Amerika Line objavila ovu vijest podupiruci na taj nacin pravu politicku propagandu u korist Hitlera a protiv Weimarske republike.

Iznenadjenja ovdje ne prestaju: osim potpore pruzene nacistima profiliraju se zanimljiva pitanja. Samo primjera radi: za Hitlera i Staljina bi bilo mnogo kompliciranije prihvatiti otvoreni rat da banda Harriman-Bush-Walker nije u isto vrijeme naoruzala Hitlera do zuba i da nije ruske trupe opskrbila naftom. Od dvadesetih godina obitelj Walker je crpila naftu u Bakuu (Azerbejdzan) i prodavala ga Crvenoj armiji.

Prije nego sto je buknuo drugi svjetski rat pa cak i tijekom rata, Standard 0il, u vlasnistvu obitelji Rockefeller, i I.G. Farben, njemacku kemijsku industriju vezivala je suradnja. Mnoga zajednicka postrojenja Standard Oila i I.G. Farben smjestena u blizini nacistickih koncentracionih logora izmedju kojih i Auschwitza, iskoristavali su radnu snagu zatvorenika za proizvodnju kemijskih proizvoda izmedju kojih i Cyclon-B, smrtonosni plin vrlo rasiren u logorima za unistenje ljudi koji su sudjelovali u njegovoj prizvodnji. Usprkos sistematskom bombardiranju u kojem su sravnali sa zemljom mnoge njemacke gradove tijekom rata americke su snage postupale sa krajnjim oprezom kada se radilo o bombardiranju u blizini kemijskih postrojenja. 1945. Njemacka je bila pod rusevinama dok su postrojenja ostala nestaknuta.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAuschwitz 31.12.2007. - photo by DNK

Kad je imenovan potpredsjednikom SAD-a 1980. Georrge Herbert Walker Bush je za upravljanje svojim dobrima imenovao misterioznu osobu utjelovljenu u William Farish III. Partnerstvo Busha i Farisha vuce se jos od prije pocetka drugog svjetskog rata. William Farish I upravljao je u SAD-u konzorcijem Standard Oil of New Jersey (danasnji Exxon) i Hitlerovim I.G. Farben. Bas ovaj konzorcij odlucio je o otvaranju konc-logora Auschwitz 1940-e godine sa ciljem da se proizvodi sinteticka guma i nafta iz ugljena. U to vrijeme kad se ova vijest pocela siriti medijima, americki kongres je otvorio istragu. Da je istraga provedena temeljito kompromitirala bi klan Rockefellerovih, ali od toga nije bilo nista jer se zaustavila na izvrsnom direktoru Standard Oila, Williamu Farishu I.

I Shell Oil – ciji je najveci udio u rukama britanske krune pridonio je u usponu Hitlera na vlast zahvaljujuci dogovorima sklopljenim od strane njegovog poslanika Deterding sa guvernerom Engleske banke Montagu Normanom.

Izmedju 21. i 23. kolovoza 1932, usprkos protestima afroamericke zajednice pri njujorskom American Museum of Natural History odrzao se treci svjetski kongres eugenetike (termin koji se koristio za „rasnu higijenu“). Ovaj dogadjaj financirala je obitelj Harriman koja je od 1910. davala donacije namijenjene osnivanju znanstvenog odjela za proucavanje rasa i otvaranju americke podruznice Odjela za eugenetiku koje je imao sjediste u Londonu.
Prije kongresa W. Averell Harriman u dogovoru sa Hamburg-Amerika Lineom (u vlasnistvu Bushevih i Walkerovih) osobno se pobrinuo da u New York dodju najveci ideolozi nacizma. Medju tim „znanstvenicima“ bio je i psihijatar Ernst Rüdin glavni zagovornik rasistickih teorija koji je u Berlinu provodio istrazivanja o rasama financirana od Rockefeller.

Heinrichu Himmleru, zapovjedniku SS-a, novci su uplacivani preko tajnog racuna Standard Oila kojim je upravljao americki bankar Kurt von Schroeder. Financiranja nisu prestala do dugo u 1944. sto se poklapa sa periodom kad su SS bile zaduzene za nadgledanje masovnog istrebljenja u Auschwitzu (mjestu gdje su se nalazila postrojenja Standard Oil - I.G. Farben) i u drugim konc-logorima. Kad je rat zavrsio saveznici su dosli do saznanja da su financiranja dolazila od Standard Oila sto je zavrsilo padom Farisha I, ali ne i Johna D. Rockefellera. Prijateljstvo i partnerstvo dva klana nastavili su se i kod sljedecih generacija kao sto pokazuje povjerenje Busha starijeg u William Farish III.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAuschwitz 31.12.2007. - photo by DNK

I da zakljucimo:

Kad je njemacka vojska osvajala Poljsku Prescott Bush je pomagao naciste.
Kad su njemacki tenkovi prelazili Ardene krecuci na Pariz Prescott Bush je pomagao naciste.
Kad su njemacki zrakoplovi bombardirali London, ubivsi pri tome 50000 engleza, Prescott Bush je pomagao naciste.
Kad su milijuni ljudi umirali od ruke najokrutnije organizacije ikad poznate, Prescott Bush je i dalje pomagao naciste.
Kad su Hitler i nacisti planirali i provodili istrebljenja Prescott Bush je u tome sudjelovao kao ravnopravni partner.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Dok njegov unuk pusta suze sto njegov prethodnik Roosevelt nije bombardirao konc-logor Auschwitz mozemo zakljuciti da je vojska SAD-a to debelo nadoknadila bombardirajuci Vietnam, Afganistan, Irak, i ostale zrtve americkog imperijalizma a svjedoci smo priprema za napad na Iran.
Ova bombardiranja nemaju za cilj pranje grijeha iz proslosti ni krocenje "osovina zla" nego nastavak americke imperijalisticke politike kojoj je vazna samo dominacija i profit.

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