I - D - F

I - D - F

ponedjeljak, 24.12.2007.

***Merry Christmas***

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and to all people with a good will!

I give You as a gift some GREAT CD suitable for a "dark" place or for a room with a "low" light and near the "fireplace" in some corner with a great music from this man...

Groover Washington Jr - Love Songs

1. Just the two of us
2. Winelight
3. Come morning
4. The best is yet to come
5. Jamming
6. East river drive
7. Let it flow (for "Dr.J")
8. Cassie's theme
9. Be mine (tonight)
10. In the name of love
11. Jet stream
12. The answer in your eyes
13. Reaching out


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