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The Long Arm Of The Law: Florida Department of Corrections

The Long Arm Of The Law: Florida Department of Corrections

Im looking for a tactical belt, nylon. All I can find is the full size duty belts. I need something with a plastic snap buckle, in black that I can use through my belt loops to hold my pants up, preferably 2 inches wide… ...

If you have ever been in trouble with the law or you have a close family member or friend who has then you probably have some experience with the Florida Department of Corrections. It is at the Florida Department of Corrections that ...

The job market out there is tough these days and that means that people should look wherever they can for employment. This article will explain how to work for the Florida Department of Corrections. In this field it takes a person that ...

The Florida Department of Corrections forbids sex offenders on supervision to give out candy during Halloween. They are also told not to decorate, answer the door, dress in a costume or keep their porch light on. ...

Operation “Street Sweep” WCTV The Tallahassee Police Department, Florida Department of Corrections and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice assisted with this initiative. ... and more »

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