Surprise your Male Partner with Unconventional Sex Tricks

petak , 24.08.2018.

Sex often becomes a mundane activity after a while. As compared to females, male often get bored easily with the same sex partner and lose interest in sexual activity. So, onus of safeguarding love life from this trouble lies usually on females. Give a try to some unusual tricks, and arouse and satisfy his passionate sex desire under the sheet. Incorporate these unconventional sex tricks and see their magic.

Explore His Body part to the Fullest – Most of the females make their males feel special and relaxed by playing and licking with their private parts like penis and balls. However, it is not a complete fact. Indubitably, one of the best ways of teasing males is giving them a blow and hand job but they will never stop you even if you play with their nipples. Whether you hold them or lick them in sensual way, they will definitely feel ecstatic and ready to go for wild sex.

Change you Sex Position – Are you still trying sex in same old missionary position? If yes, it’s the high time to change your sex position and try something new. Sex becomes more interesting and engaging if an element of innovation is incorporated on regular basis and what could be more satisfying than arousing sexual desire by experimenting with something new. Believe, your urge to try something new sex position will definitely act as a big turn on for your partner. Learn the way of pleasing your partner with all Kamasutra positions from Asian call girls in Dehradun. They are real sex divas.

Dress Sexy – Sexy and revealing dresses make any male go crazy over their female partner. Throw away old dresses from your wardrobe and revamp it with new lingerie or night dress to please his senses. Especially he will go restless if you do not allow him to open your see-through bra or your beautiful breasts and bootie. Add zing to the lovemaking session by wearing high heels with your attractive bikni dress. Seeing you in such a way will make him excited and ensures the best sex of your life.

Try Wine or Champagne before Indulging in Sexual Intercourse – Surprise your partner by encouraging him to have a glass or two of wine or champagne. Accompany him on drinks and indulge in some dirty talks. Once, you spark in his eyes for sexual foreplay, ask him to shed all his inhibitions and go as wild as possible. Your simple way of giving such a hint will make him quite happy and he will love you the way you ever dreamt about.

Grab his Butt – Butts are unknown and unexplored territory of males. While engaging in passionate love making, grab your partner butts in sensual manner and help him to feel inside you. This feeling of belongingness and cuddling will go a long way in re-igniting love desire.

Someone has rightly said, do not think much when you are trying sexual intimacy with your partner. Leave all your worries behind and try sex in the way as you are trying for the first time.

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