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četvrtak, 28.05.2009.

Manchester United: Once A Red - Always A Red

Manchester United vs. Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Final 2009

A day after...
After the final game in UEFA Champions League, Barcelona vs. Manchester United.

And, what can I say as a big fan of the Red Devils.
Promising beginning of the match, and then... 80 minutes of football misery.
Honestly, I can't remember the game when Manchester United played so lame. And I'm following the team from the Old Trafford - 15+ years.

After a great season (without lost game) in the Champs League, they come to the Final and play as a teenagers whose favorite sport is... seating in the front of the house and watching cars passing by.
What the fuck!!!? ~!@#$%^&*

There were rumors that Man Utd have sold this game.
I don't know about that. Just can't digest the fact to be one step to the BIG TITLE, and to leave it without a fight.
One thing is pretty clear... Barcelona's midfield players Iniesta & Xavi made Manchester United team to look like some guys lost in the space.

Once A Red - Always A Red

But, however, if you love Manchester United from the bottom of your heart, you can't stop doing that just because they lost one game,... even though that game was finale in the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United: Once A Red - Always A Red

Once A Red - Always A Red!

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ponedjeljak, 18.05.2009.

Acoustic Songs from Without A Knife Records

Today I'll present you something different than usual.
This post is about the quiet, pure, acoustic music...

Without A Knife Records is all about acoustic songs, music art, and other distractions.
It's a website of Drew Blackard, a musician based in Dallas, Texas, USA.
So far, he had performed in several rock and acoustic bands.
Behind Blackard are few releases: "Alright With Me" (single, 2003), "Just A Day In Your Life" (EP, 2006), and "Right About Now I'd Like to Move to Austin and Buy a Purple House" (EP, 2008).

Right About Now I'd Like to Move to Austin and Buy a Purple House (EP)

Drew's latest EP was released in April 2008 for Without A Knife Records.
It is consisted of five songs.

Track listing:
1. Right About Now I'd Like to Move to Austin and Buy a Purple House
2. Fallen Mockingbird
3. Swallow My Pride
4. I Don't Know
5. I Have An Island

His music is some mix of folk, rock & roll, and pop. In the songs you can hear the sounds of guitar, piano, banjo, fiddle, mandolin...
Soft, relaxing, pleasant for the ears.
This latest EP, but also the other releases, are available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and few other online music stores.

Besides the music, Drew like to draw, also.

To find out more about the music of Drew Blackard, but also to check out his acoustic demos, podcast, and art, please visit the website - .

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četvrtak, 14.05.2009.

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Semi-Final 2

AySel & Arash with 'Always' were representing Azerbaijan @ Eurovision Song Contest 2009

The Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is over, too.
Not so many songs by my music taste, dance beat.
From the 19 songs presented @ the 2nd night of ESC 2009, I had four favorites.

My 4 favorites in Semi-Final 2:

Slovenia --- Quartissimo feat. Martina Majerle - 'Love Symphony'
Moldova --- Sakis Rouvas - 'This Is Our Night'
Greece --- Nelly Ciobanu - 'Hora Din Moldova' (Dance from Moldova)
Azerbaijan --- AySel & Arash - 'Always'

Let's hope that in the Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 one of my favorites from the both semifinals will be announced as a winner. :)

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utorak, 12.05.2009.

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Semi-Final 1

Waldo's People with 'Lose Control' were representing Finland @ Eurovision Song Contest 2009

The First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is behind us.
Macedonia didn't make it to the Final. :(
From the 18 songs that were performed at the stage of Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow, Russia, I liked only four.
Since I adore dance music, it was not a big pleasure for me to watch/listen the songs from the first evening of ESC 2009.

My 4 favorites in Semi-Final 1:

Finland --- Waldo's People - 'Lose Control'
Romania --- Elena Gheorghe - 'The Balkan Girls'
Macedonia --- Next Time - 'Neshto Shto Ke Ostane' (Something That Will Remain)
Andorra --- Susanne Georgi - 'La Teva Decisio (Get A Life)' (Your Decision)

I hope that the Second Semi-Final will present us more songs from the world of dance music. ;)

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nedjelja, 10.05.2009. - Online Collection of Quality Music and Sound Effects - Online Store of Royalty Free Music

Have you ever been in position to find quality music and sound effects for your next project?
If you are video/audio-visual producer, video game creator, webmaster,... or need music for your podcast, radio station, video presentation... - we have solution for you. It's called is online store of royalty free music.
Buy once, and use as many times as you want, legally. provide great royalty free music, clean audio, Reason drum kit, perfect loops, and more.
Each audio item is available in several formats: WAV, FLAC, MP3, and OGG.
Browse the categories (acoustic music, electronic music, jingles, music loops...) and listen to full-length previews of all the soundtracks.

Also, the music artists can join, and add their original audio works to the catalogue.
Composers have the opportunity to earn up to 50% on the sales of their soundtracks.

If you want to find out more, check out - .

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Macedonia (with NEXT TIME) at Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia

The following week is a week of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.
This year the biggest music event/competition in Europe will take place at the Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow, Russia.
ESC 2009 will have two Semi-Finals (on 12th & 14th of May), and one Final night (May 16th, 2009).

The Macedonian representatives at this competition, the boy-band NEXT TIME, will perform the song "Something That Will Remain" (Nesto Sto Ce Ostane) as 13th in the first semi-final.

For the latest news, gossip, information about the contestants, the show,... check out the official website - .

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četvrtak, 07.05.2009.

Audio Comparer - Duplicate MP3 Finder

Audio Comparer - Duplicate MP3 Finder

Almost everyone have big collection of songs at their computer.
There's a big chance that among all those audio files duplicates are present.
If you want to find that duplicated MP3 files, we recommend you to use Audio Comparer.

Few Words About Audio Comparer

Audio Comparer is a desktop software for finding duplicate audio files, and files that sounds alike.
Using this duplicate MP3 finder you can compare audio files like: MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV and OGG.

Audio Comparer is better than other duplicate MP3 finders because it "listens" the audio files and compares them by their actual audio content, just like the human ears do.
The other MP3 comparison tools just look at MP3 file tags, or even the file size to locate duplicate files. That way, they can't identify similar audio files at all.

How It Works?

- Audio Comparer listens your entire music collection, and remember it. The set of audio files is named "audio group" in the program. You can make your entire collection into one audio group, or divide it into several groups. The "listening" process is very fast (approx. 1 second per MP3 file).
- When an audio group is formed, you may make a comparison within this group or compare it with another group. The audio comparison process is even faster. You will get the comparison results in seconds.
- Once the audio comparison is done, Audio Comparer will display the results in a tree. Now, you can mark files as you want, and batch copy, move or delete them. This makes it easy to find and remove duplicate MP3, WMA or OGG files.

Why Do You Need Audio Comparer?

- If your music collection contains different audio formats & encoding bitrates - you need a good comparison tool.
- If you have MP3, WMA or OGG files without tags - Audio Comparer can help you to remove the duplicates.
- If you have a very large digital music collection it is hard to find duplicates manually. Audio Comparer can do it very quickly.
- ... and more...

To find out more about this duplicate MP3 finder, please check out the website - .

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