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srijeda, 29.04.2009.

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ponedjeljak, 27.04.2009.

Traditional Mayday Sports Tournament 'Vratnica 2009'

Traditional Mayday Sports Tournament 'VRATNICA' is the biggest sports event in the Polog region, and one of the biggest in Republic of Macedonia.
Football and basketball (in the past handball, too) are the main sports there.
The tournament exist several decades.

Organizers of the Mayday Tournament 'Vratnica 2009' are Vratnica Youth.
Vratnica Virtual Reality Group (V.V.R.G.) will provide Live Video & Audio broadcasting from the event at Internet.

Date, Time, Location...

If you plan to visit the tournament, here's the most important info:

- Date: 1.5.2009 (Friday)
- Location: Vratnica, sports fields of the primary school "Simce Nastovski"
- Beginning: 9:00 A.M.. End: 4:00-7:00 P.M.
- Sports: Football and basketball
- Music: 10 hours live back to back DJ sets by Alex De La Force and Eclipse-X
- Fun & prizes for the visitors of the tournament
- Map of Vratnica (Google Maps)
- Live Video Broadcast from the event (for those who want to watch it at home)

For more info, check out the website dedicated to this event:
- (in Macedonian language)

Info about the Traditional Mayday Tournament 'VRATNICA 2009' (in Macedonian language)

Additional info at: Facebook & Twitter.

At 1st of May, Vratnica holds all the fun and joy of the world. ;)

IMPORTANT INFO: If there's a big chance that at 1st of May the weather is rainy, a possibility exist that the tournament will be delayed.
However, you'll be timely informed (at tournament's related websites).

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srijeda, 15.04.2009.

Web Hosting Choice: Top 10 Web Hosting Sites

Web Hosting Choice: Top 10 Web Hosting Sites

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srijeda, 01.04.2009.

Armin Van Buuren: The No. 1 DJ Title Was Taken Away

Armin Van Buuren: The No. 1 DJ Title Was Taken Away

Right after the Winter Music Conference 2009 in Miami (March 24-28), a big scandal in electronic dance music is on the horizon.

Namely, the representatives of 'DJ Magazine' that were present at this music event (WMC 2009), got strong proofs that few DJs were cheating during the voting for the Best World DJ in 2008.
Among the DJs on this list, also was mentioned the name of Armin Van Buuren, voted the No.1 DJ for 2008.

In the last few days the DJ Mag's team had several meetings, after which they've decided to take away the title 'Number One DJ' from Armin Van Buuren.

It's not clear yet, will the 1st position now be allotted to Tiesto (voted as No.2 at the DJ Magazine's Annual Top 100 DJ Poll 2008)?
Or maybe, the year 2008 will be remembered as year without No.1 DJ?

However, one thing for sure is definitive... Armin Van Buuren is no more World's No.1 DJ.

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