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subota, 27.12.2008.

Wii Game Review Wiki

Nintendo Wii - Home Video Game Console

Last week one of my friends, a game freak, bought Nintendo Wii, a home video game console.
The console looks good and it have many interesting features.

But, when you have the console, you need games to play, right? :)
Searching the net, I found a site that will help my friend to choose which games he'll play.
I am talking about Wii Game Reviews site.

Few Words About Wii Game Reviews Website

Wii Game Reviews is actually Wii game review wiki, an online place where every day real Nintendo Wii players reviewing Wii games they play.

Wiki is... "a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content, using a simple interface".
So, as a "wiki", the site is all Wii user-generated content.
Anyone is welcome to add their own Wii game review to the site, by adding a video, audio or text comment to any of the sections.

The web site have several sections: Wii action games, Wii sports and racing games, Wii role-playing games, Wii brain games, Wii games for girls, Wii arcade games, Wii strategy games, and more.

Also, many other information are available, like: how to fix a broken Nintendo Wii, how to get the best deals on Wii consoles, games and accessories.
Wii competitions and giveaways are available, too.

This Wii game review wiki made by actual players was launched for players, parents, and kids.
It can help buyers to decide before the Wii game purchase has been made, and that way avoid disappointment with game content.

For the latest game reviews, and more information about Wii, please visit - .

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utorak, 23.12.2008.

Theater Tickets from TicketFeeder

Theater, Sports and Concerts Tickets from TicketFeeder

Exploring the Internet many years now, I was in touch with many web sites.
Few days ago, a friend ask me to tell him good online place to buy premium theater tickets.
I checked my 'visited sites archive', and pointed him to TicketFeeder.

TicketFeeder is a trusted brand for premium event seating and tickets.
They provide a safe, easy, and convenient way to purchase tickets, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Except the theater tickets, TicketFeeder also offers concert and sports tickets.

But, when we talk about theater tickets, let's see what TicketFeeder have in their database...
You can choose tickets for various shows, at the few sections of the site:
- Broadway/ Touring/ Theater (Dirty Dancing, Grease, Phantom Of The Opera...)
- Cirque Du Soleil
- Dance/Ballet (Lord Of The Dance, Contemporary Ballet, Dance Brazil...)
- Family (David Copperfield, High School Musical, Cinderella-Theater, Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo...)
- Speaking Tours
- Comedy (Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Bob Saget...)
- Classical/Opera (Macbeth, Barber of Seville, La Traviata...)
- Other Theater shows (Dancing With the Stars, Rigoletto, Robin Williams...), and more.
Really, the selection is huge, and at the web site you will find tickets for virtually every major theater event.

To find out more about the services, theater tickets and other offers from TicketFeeder, please visit the following link: .

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Most Followed Twitter Person in Macedonia

Alex De La Force - The Most Followed Twitter Person in Macedonia (According to Twitterholic)

I use Twitter more than year and a half.
You know... Twitter is that cool web site where in only 140 characters you answer the question: "What Are You Doing?"
As the time pass, I like the service more and more.

Few days ago, I found out that according to Twitterholic, the web site that rank the users of Twitter, I am ranked as 1st from Twitters in Macedonia.
WOW! That's cool, man!

All that means that Alex De La Force have more Twitter followers than any other person from Macedonia. :)
(Applause! :) )
Thank you,... thank you! ;)

I respect all of my followers, and hope to acquire more in future.
Mostly, I tweet about music, but also some interesting stuff that I do during the day and night.

If you are Twitter user, you may want to follow me. Check me at - (@AlexForce) .

But, if this tweeting thing is something new to you, please check Twitter's website and join the fun.
Trust me, you will find many interesting/useful/cool/beautiful things using this service. You will find new friends from all over the world.

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utorak, 16.12.2008.

Sony VAIO Laptop Computer VGN-FW21M: The Reason I Was Off Blogging For Few Days

Last week I bought Sony VAIO Laptop Computer, model VGN-FW21M.
Since I was waiting few weeks for the laptop to come from Netherlands, I was very excited when the Anhoch Computers representative (from Skopje) called me to pick up my VAIO. sretan

Like every tech item I choose, with big attention and review of all things I need from that item, that was the case with Sony VAIO, too.

Sony VAIO Laptop Computer VGN-FW21M: L-X got me :)

Few Words about Sony VAIO Brand

VAIO is a sub-brand for many of Sony's computer products. It was originally an acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation, but since 2008 amended to Visual Audio Intelligence Organizer to celebrate the brand's 10th year anniversary.

The VAIO logo also represents the integration of analog and digital technology. The 'VA' represents an analog wave and the 'IO' represents digital binary code.

Why I Choose Sony VAIO VGN-FW21M?

There are many reasons why I choose this model of Sony VAIO.
In this article I'll mention some of them:

- Real Wide Viewing
VAIO FW-Series radically enhances the multimedia entertainment with a revolutionary 16.4” real wide display.
This large screen features high 1600x900 WXGA++ resolution and a true 16:9 aspect ratio for the best possible digital media experience.
I can enjoy in movies, games, photo slideshows and the Internet like never before with intense realism and detail.

- True-to-Life Pictures
With latest X-black screen technology, FW-Series delivers pictures that are sharp, bright and natural looking. Images are true-to-life with vibrant color, deep contrast and enhanced depth.
There are millions of colors in the world and these displays are capable or reproducing all of them.

- High Definition with Blu-ray
I can take full advantage of a new era in high definition entertainment with FW-Series.
My model featuring an integrated Blu-ray Disc™ Drive that allow playback of latest HD movies and give me the freedom to create my own dynamic productions captured on an HD camcorder.
Also, I can store up to 50GB of multimedia data or over 9 hours of HD video on one disc using the Blu-ray Disc™ Drive.
For a thrilling big screen experience, I can connect my laptop to an HD-Ready TV using HDMI output and watch favorite films in glorious Full HD 1080p picture quality.

- Dolby® Sound Room™
True home entertainment is more than just amazing pictures. Dolby® Sound Room™ recreates the acoustics of a small theatre in my headphones so I can enjoy movies, music, and games in surround sound.

- Slim and Elegant
For a laptop with a large 16.4" screen, FW is remarkably compact and transportable. An ultra thin bezel has been used to fit the screen onto a compact chassis with the screen closer than ever to the edge of the bezel for a slim and streamlined appearance.
A beautiful cylindrical hinge design with battery and hinge designed as one keeps size and weight down to just 3.1 kilos while ensuring maximum strength at one of the most vulnerable points of the laptop.

- Made in Magnesium
Finished in durable and lightweight magnesium alloy, the thin-walled chassis of FW-Series preserves portability while providing rugged protection from shocks and knocks.

- Precise Typing
An ergonomic isolation keyboard with keys protruding vertically from a beautifully carved flat surface enhances looks and ease of use. Typing is more comfortable than ever with no lateral movement and the center of each key slightly indented to ensure each key stroke provides a solid and precise response. Optimum spacing between keys minimizes typing errors, especially for those with long or manicured nails.

- Multimedia Powerhouse
Now I enjoy powerful multimedia performance with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor.
Plus with 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM memory, accessing data intensive files and working on graphical programs is easier than ever.
Ultra efficient Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor technology across the range optimizes battery life and gives me even more reliable wireless connectivity. I can work and play longer on the move and communicate cable-free with my friends and family wherever I go.

- Impressive Graphics
Super smooth 3D performance is essential for multimedia entertainment.
FW-Series compromises nothing with a fast and efficient ATI® Mobility Radeon™ HD 3470 graphics card featuring 256MB of dedicated VRAM. Perfect for watching DVD’s, playing games and creating dynamic fun-filled presentations.

- Faster Wireless Connectivity
With Sony VAIO FW21M I can communicate easily with friends, family and colleagues using the next generation of wireless technology.
Intel® Draft-n gives up to five times faster wireless connectivity, more reliability and a wider reception range than 802.11a/b/g when connected to hotspots.
Also, I can stream video wirelessly through my home without the need for any additional hardware or cables and keep in touch with confidence when on the move.
My model also include Bluetooth® for effortless connection and data exchange with other personal devices including mobile phones, laptops, mice and keyboards, printers, digital cameras and game consoles.

- Store The Multimedia
I never need to worry about running out of storage space with Sony VAIO FW21M. Hard disc capacity from 400GB give me the freedom to store multitudes of video, still images, television programmes, music and other multimedia data.

Few More Words About Sony VAIO FW Series

It's good to mention that Sony VAIO FW Series are... the world's first 16.4" notebooks.
Although VAIO FW Series notebooks are new at the PC market, they already started to win awards.

Many well established PC magazines have praiseworthy words for VAIO FW Series:
- "... brings (Sony’s designs) fully into the HD era with a stunning new style, the latest technology and great usability."
- "... The silver chassis uses curved features, a cylindrical hinge and green lighting to eye-catching effect."
- "... Colour, contrast and image quality are all stunning."
- "... has a great combination of features and usability for the price…as an affordable HD media center, Sony has set a new benchmark for its rivals."


The main reason why I bought Sony VAIO FW21M is because I need a mobile device (something bigger and more powerful than my present "toys" :) ), that I can count on every time.
I plan mostly to use it for music and design related stuff, but from time to time maybe for something else.

It's early to tell, but so far I am more than satisfied with my laptop.
I just bought really useful bag from Case Logic, and mouse, but I also need to buy: Sony VAIO car charger / adapter, USB flash drive, few notebooks, cleaning kit...

But, enough about me and my new Sony Vaio Laptop Computer.
Let's get back to blogging, let's back to the world of music. :)

Mr. W and DeeJay doing some experiments at Eclipse-X's PC Lab. :)

- Gratitude: Big thanks to the Eclipse-X (software and web developer) for all the knowledge, time and patience he enters in my machine, making it well optimized and fast as a bullet. thumbup
Also, I send greetings to Mr. W, an wood carving guru, for all the stupid jokes he made thru the laptop optimization process at Eclipse-X's lab. rofl
- Useful link: More info about Sony VAIO @ Wikipedia.
- Go shopping: If you plan to shop some Sony VAIO related products for the holidays, you can check the great offers at Amazon online store.

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ponedjeljak, 01.12.2008.

Eclipse-X - Autumn Mix 2008: House and Progressive Music from Macedonia

After his very successful "Winter Mix 2008 vol.1" back in February this year, DJ Eclipse-X is here with his latest release.
For all dependents of electronic music he offers "Autumn Mix 2008".

In this house / progressive house mix, Macedonian DJ Eclipse-X brings together the best from house in the moment.
With great tracks (What Is House, No No No, A Black Man In Space...), nice mixing technique, and emotions added in it, "Autumn Mix 2008" is music piece that you can listen in the club, in your car, at home...
It's worthy to be a part of your music collection.


Artist: Eclipse-X
Title: Autumn Mix 2008
Genre: House / Progressive
Year: 2008, November
Length: 01:09:16
Format: *.mp3
Quality: 234 kbps / VBR
Size: 115 MB


Eclipse-X - Autumn Mix 2008: House and Progressive Music from Macedonia


1. Inkfish, David West - Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger Remix)
2. The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (2008 Re-Edit)
3. Ministry of Funk - The Dancer (Castelli Ipanema Remix)
4. David Penn And Rober Gaez - What Is House (Club Mix)
5. Milk & Sugar - No No No (Terrace Vocal Mix)
6. Steve Angello - Gypsy (Laidback Luke Gypsy Woman Remix)
7. Pryda - Rakfunk
8. Son Of Raw - A Black Man In Space (Sax Mix)
9. Underworld - Born Slippy (DJ Joe K & Beto Dias Remix)
10. Tom Novy, Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Genji Yoshida Remix)
11. Tiga - (Far From) Home (The Speed of Sexor Reprise)
12. Dirty South - The End (Tocadisco Loves Tech Remix)


- The Mix - Free Download link: .
- Full CD Cover/Label links: Front and Back .
- Artist's link: Eclipse-X .

I hope that you'll enjoy in this 69 minutes of rhythm journey provided by Eclipse-X.
Want to hear your response, folks! pjeva

- Also check: 'Winter Mix 2008 vol.1' by Eclipse-X.

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