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nedjelja, 28.09.2008.

Nouveau Riche: People That Rise from Poverty to Wealth

Nouveau Riche: People That Rise from Poverty to Wealth

Besides the themes like music, Internet, web design,... from time to time I also write articles related to business and money.
Today, I'll write few words about the Nouveau Riche.

Nouveau Riche (means 'new rich' in French language), or new money, refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his/her generation.
This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth has provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries that were previously unobtainable.

In one article at talking about people becoming Nouveau Riche, is presented huge list of people and their Billionaire business ideas.
So, there you can read and learn stuff like: who is the richest man on the planet, how Waltons family became America's richest family, how much money worth the oil and gas resources of the King of Saudi Arabia, lot of interesting things about the world's billionaires, and many more.

Also, there is another Nouveau Riche related article that uncovers dozens of the most promising ventures of determined Billionaire entrepreneurs.
A few of these ventures discuss individuals who are now “Nouveau Riche” because of their entrepreneurial ideas.
This's article shows you not only the latest business trends (like: delivering Wi-Fi to coastal resorts in Brazil, creating a social network for millionaires in Russia, becoming a biodiesel producer in Argentina...), but also give you the ideas, the rationales, and 'how-to' guidelines.

I have read the articles from 'A to Z', and I must say that they gave me lot of ideas for new businesses. Recommended!
So,... who will be the next Nouveau Riche, me or you? sretan

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srijeda, 10.09.2008.

Wine Racks and Wine Accessories

Wine Racks and Wine Accessories from 'The Vine Store'

It's almost end of the summer, and the autumn is knocking at the door.
At this time of the year, my family have a tradition to prepare few hundred liters of wine.
But, after the whole process ends, and we are ready to bottle the wine, some little but important problems may occur.
We need some extra bottles, place/racks to store the wine...

I spend few hours a day online, so yesterday I think that I've found the solution for my family's wine.
It name is 'The Vine Store', and they are selling wood and metal wine racks, but also wine accessories are available.

The Vine Store works as online store, and the orders can be placed anytime through their web site.
They stock the finest wine rack styles including: Wood Wine Racks, Metal Wine Racks, Hanging Wine Racks, Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Wine Rack Furniture, Specialty Wine Racks and Wine Glasses.
Their wine racks are offered in a variety of bottle capacity sizes for both your residential and commercial wine storage needs.
The wine racks and all other products are shipped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you and your family need more info about 'The Vine Store' and their products, please visit - .
You can suggest the web site to your friends, too.
So, maybe the next time they pay you a visit, you'll have a chance to taste their own wine bottled with the accessories from The Vine Store.

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subota, 06.09.2008.

Brand Identity Guru - Advertising Agency

Searching the Internet for some info on things related to company branding, I found a really good advertising agency.
Its name is Brand Identity Guru, and I like to share few things about them, with you.

Brand Identity Guru is a professional advertising and branding company from Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
Their niche is closing the gap between brand identity and brand image thus creating brand equity while increasing market share.
The company focus on building brand image, e-commerce design, and top web site design.

If you hire Brand Identity Guru, they'll create and manage your brand identity.
As your advertising agency, they will determine what medium or mix of mediums is best to get your message out, whether that is print, direct mail, broadcast, outdoor or online.
Their staff of copywriters, graphic designers and production gurus will then create a strategically sound campaign that delivers a strong, clear message that cuts through the advertising clutter and slaps your target market upside the head.

With the unique strategic planning process, high energy and passion, integrity and responsibility, Brand Identity Guru are just a model of advertising agency that every company would like to cooperate with.

For more info about Brand Identity Guru, please visit their web site - .

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petak, 05.09.2008.

Football Game: Macedonia vs. Scotland

Football Game: Macedonia vs. Scotland

The football game between the national teams of Macedonia and Scotland will be playing tomorrow (6.9.2008, Sat).

This is the first match for the both teams, and is part of the preliminary phase matches played at Europe's continent - "Group 9", for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

I hope that the boys from the Macedonian football squad will win this game. thumbup

Brief Info About The Game

Its's good to know...

Date/Time: 6th of September 2008, Saturday, 15:00
Location: City Stadium, Skopje, Macedonia
Live TV Broadcast (Telecast): Sitel TV, Macedonia

Useful Links

If you want more info for the game, please visit the links:
- Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM)
- Scottish Football Association
- Web Site of Sitel TV (Sitel Televizija)
- The Official Website of the FIFA World Cup

* Info in Macedonian:

Fudbalskiot natprevar pomedju reprezentaciite na Makedonija i Skotska se se odrzi na 6.9.2008 (sabota) so pocetok vo 15:00 casot.
Za site onie koi nema da uspeat da navivaat za svojot tim od tribinite na Gradski-ot Stadion vo Skopje, "TV Sitel" ce vrsi prenos vo zivo. sretan

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utorak, 02.09.2008.

Google Chrome: Open Source Web Browser Developed by Google

Google Chrome: Open Source Web Browser Developed by Google

This days Google is about to present their "new-born child".
It's name is Google Chrome, and it is an open source web browser.

Google claims that with the minimal design and sophisticated technology of Google Chrome, they'll try to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

All you need to know about Google Chrome is explained with images in the comic book by Scott McCloud.

I am so impatient to launch that new world IT miracle. thumbup

* Update (3.9.2008, Wed, 1:05):
- Now you can download Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows Vista/XP.
- Learn about Google Chrome features through video tutorials.

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