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srijeda, 30.07.2008.

Custom Cables from

Since I am a DJ, but also interested in video editing, sometimes it's difficult to me to find the right type of cables for my needs.
Fortunately, few weeks ago, a friend point me to the website called .
Now, I have no more problems with the cables.


The website offers any kind of custom cable you may need.
It is divided in several categories: Custom Patch Cables, Custom Audio Cables, Custom Video/Home Theater Cables, Custom Coaxial Cables...

After you select some of this general cable categories, a custom cable configurator will be launched.
This system is very helpful and allows the customer to build a custom cable online.

Tutorials for all kinds of cables present at the website are available.
Besides that, the website offers free live and phone support for the customers, but also contact by e-mail.

Custom Cables, Audio Cables, Video Cables, Patch Cables and more... from

If you need more info about some custom cable that you are interested in, please visit the website - .

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petak, 25.07.2008.

CD Earth - A Great Clipart Collection With Over 20,000 Images

CD Earth - A Great Clipart Collection With Over 20,000 Images

If you need clipart images or drawings for your next project - 'CD Earth 20,001 Greatest Clipart CD' is a perfect choice for you.

About 'CD Earth Clipart CD'

It is a unique clipart collection.
Among the other, on the CD Earth Clipart CD you can find:
- old black and white farm drawings
- bright, colorful wedding theme images
- historical flags and coats of arms
- humorous smiley faces
- computer and other work-related clipart
- medical and science images
- spiritual and religious illustrations...

For easy browsing, the clipart images on this great collection CD are organized by categories.
Some of the categories: Animals, Art, Cartoons, Computers, Design, Education, Flags, Holiday, Money, Music, Office, Party, People, Religious, Science, Space, Toys, Travel, Website cliparts, and many more.

'CD Earth 20,001 Greatest Clipart CD' can be used at Windows PC and Mac OSX computers.

You can get this CD for free by test-driving the CD Earth Software Library Club.

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ponedjeljak, 14.07.2008.

MP3 Music Download from

MP3 Music Download from

Last few days I've heard some good songs at the radio.
In search of a good place to download those interesting songs to me - I've found the website called .

About is an online catalog of mp3 files, a place to download music for cheap price.
Also, at the website you can find album reviews, music news, charts, all new releases and full discographies of your favorite artists, bands and DJs.

Instead of the huge fees you have to pay for regular mp3 download sites, bring great quality for a fraction of the price.
The website is licensed in Russia by an organization called ROMS (Russian Organization for Multimedia and Digital Systems). sell what ROMS allow them to sell, and because they are doing that in Russia, the overhead costs are much cheaper.

Inside (More Info About The Website) offer many things to their members. Here I'll mention some of them:

- More than 400.000 mp3 songs in several genres.
- Free song pre-listening (before buying a song).
- Detailed mp3 tags for every song.
- Everyday updates at the site.
- Sound quality (bitrates) of the songs: 192 Kbps.
- Customer support by e-mail and phone.
- Website categories (for better navigation through the site): artists (list of artists), collections, soundtracks, reviews, by genre, by year, new music albums and news.
- Music search engine. Search your term: by artist, by album/single, by song and in reviews.
- Artist's page: consists of artist's bio/info, albums, singles and artist's super hits.
- Album's page: consists of album info (track listing, size, length and price), artist's super hits, artist's discography and similar albums.
- Most popular mp3 downloads section.
- Affiliate program: register as a partner and earn money from payments of users directed to from your site.

MP3 Music Download

The download process is easy.
After selecting the album (or single) from some artist, you have an option to download the whole album (with 20% discount) or just one/few songs from that album.
Songs can be downloaded by download manager or using your browser (right click on mp3, and choose "Save target as").


The website offers various kinds of music at really cheap price ($0.15 for a song, or just few dollars for whole album).
To download your favorite mp3 music songs point your Internet browser to - .

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