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Flower Shop In New Orleans

flower shop in new orleans

    flower shop
  • Floristry is the general term used to describe the professional floral trade. It encompasses flower care and handling, floral design or flower arranging, merchandising, and display and flower delivery. Wholesale florists sell bulk flowers and related supplies to professionals in the trade.

    new orleans
  • New Orleans is a 1947 musical drama featuring Billie Holiday as a singing maid and Louis Armstrong as a bandleader; supporting players Holiday and Armstrong perform together and portray a couple becoming romantically involved.

  • a port and largest city in Louisiana; located in southeastern Louisiana near the mouth of the Mississippi river; a major center for offshore drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico; jazz originated here among black musicians in the late 19th century; Mardi Gras is celebrated here each year

  • A city and port in southeastern Louisiana, on the Mississippi River; pop. 484,674. Founded by the French in 1718, it was named after the Duc d'Orleans, regent of France. It is known for its annual Mardi Gras celebrations and for its association with the development of blues and jazz

  • New Orleans ( or , locally or ; La Nouvelle-Orleans ) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana. The New Orleans metropolitan area, (New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner) has a population of 1,189,981, the 46th largest in the USA.

flower shop in new orleans - King of

King of the Hill - The Complete Fourth Season

King of the Hill - The Complete Fourth Season


Television, nay America, needs more men like Hank Hill, a stalwart, decent "fella" who, he proudly proclaims in the episode, "Movin' On Up," "keeps his yard free of debris and pays his bills on time." But a world that just ain't right keeps testing his moral fiber. In the two-parter "Hanky Panky"/"High Anxiety," Hank finds himself embroiled in a scandalous case of sex, drugs, and murder. In "Little Horrors of Shop," Hank is outraged to learn that his son Bobby's school has turned shop class into a study hall ("All parents care about these days is zero tolerance, drug policies, and literacy," the dejected principal tells him). In "Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet," his unwitting wife Peggy's 16 ?-inch feet become the featured attraction on an Internet fetish sight. Biology, too, continues to vex the buttoned-up Hank, as witness one of the season's best episodes, "Aisle 8-A," in which Connie, the daughter of Hank's contemptuous Laotian neighbor, Kahn, is left in the Hills' care, and Hank must deal solo with her first period. Hank has somewhat come to terms with his misfit, but well-adjusted son's desire to be a comedian. He can get behind Bobby's comedy troupe, "The Propaniacs," but he is mortified when he learns that Bobby is secretly performing as a rodeo clown in "Rodeo Days." Hank does, however, breathe a sigh of relief that Bobby likes girls after Bobby and Connie are caught in a compromising situation by Connie's strict and over-protective parents in "Naked Ambition."
In its fourth season, King of the Hill is really cooking with propane, I'll tell you what, as Peggy rebounds from her skydiving accident to win her third Substitute Teacher of the Year Award, pathetic Bill Dautereive reclaims his high school football record, and clueless Dale's wife Nancy ends her decades-long affair with John Redcorn. The guest voices this season are particularly impressive: Meryl Streep , Reese Witherspoon, Drew Carey, Don Meredith, Kathleen Turner, Heather Locklear, and, in "Peggy's Fan Fair," a stellar roster of country artists, including Vince Gil, Clint Black, Randy Travis, and, um, Tony Danza. --Donald Liebenson

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Explore for July 27, 2008 #379 - Thank you!

Chicory is blooming all along our roadsides now. I always thought these were cornflowers until I looked them up in my new wildflower book. (My botany education was negligible.)

From wikipedia:

"Common chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a bushy perennial herb with blue or lavender flowers. It grows as a wild plant on roadsides in its native Europe, and in North America, where it has become naturalized. It is grown for its leaves, or for the roots, which are baked, ground, and used as a coffee substitute and additive. Common chicory is also known as blue sailors, succory, and coffeeweed. It is also called cornflower, although that name is more properly applied to Centaurea cyanus.

Root chicory (Cichorium intybus var. sativum) has been in cultivation in Europe as a coffee substitute for a long time. The roots are baked, ground, and used as a coffee substitute and additive, especially in the Mediterranean region (where the plant is native), although its use as a coffee additive is also very popular in India, parts of Southeast Asia and the American South, particularly in New Orleans.

Around 1970 it was found that the root contains up to 20% inulin, a polysaccharide similar to starch. Since then, new strains have been created, giving root chicory an inulin content comparable to that of sugar beet. Inulin is mainly ... used as a sweetener in the food industry (with a sweetening power 30% higher than that of sucrose) and is sometimes added to yogurts as a prebiotic. Inulin can be converted to fructose and glucose through hydrolysis.

Chicory, with sugar beet and rye was used as an ingredient of the East German Mischkaffee (mixed coffee), introduced during the "coffee crisis" of 1976-9.

Some beer brewers use roasted chicory to add flavor to their stouts."

Stopping for Coffee

Stopping for Coffee

In America we have a drive- thru window for just about everything. Without getting out of your car you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, pick up your dry cleaning, do your banking, and get your medicine at the . In some places you can pick up a six pack of beer and in New Orleans you can get a Margarita while you are behind the wheel (not a good idea). In Las Vegas you can even getting married in your car. I found this picture outside of my favorite drive-thru cofee shop. Even though I did have to get get out of my car I guess you could call it drive-thru photography.

flower shop in new orleans

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