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Repair Windows Problems. Incisional Hernia Repair Complications.

Repair Windows Problems

repair windows problems

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Leaking Bedroom Windows Needs Tuck Pointing And/Or Caulking - Fix Me

Leaking Bedroom Windows Needs Tuck Pointing And/Or Caulking - Fix Me

October 2011 - I have water damage on my soffits above my window in the bedroom. Though it is clear to anyone who bothers to look that the brick exterior of the building has not been properly maintained, ANCA is trying to tell me that they don't know if my water damage was caused by my leaving my windows open in the rain.

They have however contracted to have the windows right below me repaired for the exact same reason.

This repair needs to be made to both sides of both bedroom windows as well as caulking above the window since both bedrooms had water coming in from the top of my window frames.

This was reported by me to a worker who said he was sent out by ANCA to inspect the window tuck pointing and yet I was left off the list for some reason. Possibly it's because they know my downstairs neighbor will rant and rave until she gets what she wants. If this is not the reason, I sure don't know what the reason is.

If this point of entry is below the level of my soffit, then my water damage was likely caused by the same problem on the floor above me. AND, the damage circled in the pic is likely going behind my wall and into the soffit of the first floor.

I went upstairs at the time of the rain that forced me to put down buckets and that unit owner was home and assured me that her windows had been closed at the time the storm started. While I don't necessarily believe her, I would assume she has the same tuck pointing problem with her windows on the 3rd floor as I have on the 2nd floor and as the 1st floor unit did have until recently when their windows were caulked and tuck pointed.

I believe it is the responsibilty of the management company to routinely inspect and repair building damage BEFORE water is getting into people's units. And yet, they are trying to cop out on this by not fixing the obvious damage even after my wallboard has been damage by their neglect.

Roof Problems

Roof Problems

Problem: Loud noise investigation
Big foot prints on roof could be big raccoon
NE corner of flat roof there is a bathroom vent pipe that is leaking, sealed to make water tight
Chimney flashing not done properly, chimney will fail soon if there is no leak (no step or counter flashing)
Couple gutter spikes loose that were resecured, the downspout on east side sturdy,
Bay window on NE corner counterflashing was loose --secured ,
next to flashing there are lights where chairs were to aluminated deck, two loose lights so he tie wrapped to secure them
No obvious signs of rattling could be chairs that are hanging out of deck they could be banging
Tar and gravel roof,
Front roof looks good, flashing are ok

repair windows problems

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