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Contemporary Floral Prints : Sending Flowers To A Man

Contemporary Floral Prints

contemporary floral prints

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Wedding floral ceiling

Wedding floral ceiling

Wedding floral ceiling
This wedding ceiling is a floral ceiling made to a wedding restaurant .This is hand-made, one-of-a-kind, and has 16 painted mirrors, is made from mirror at thicker 5mm ,Include a thicker Plexiglas 4mm.. It’s measure is 1400cmX490cm across. Each one of pieces are at measure 5mm*60cm*70cm and has 2 neon lights. First the mirrors are cute, designed, sandblasted, cleaned very well and after they are painted with cold paint glass. When they are dried, they are fixed with Plexiglas and after that on the ceiling.
This would look great in a home or a business. It is hard to capture it with a camera but the light plays beautifully on this picture like a stained glass. This work will ship with artist signed , complete with certificate of authenticity, it will be safe and never will be reproduced,ready to hang.. It will live for a long time. For more information if you have any questions regarding this , please feel free to drop me a line at this medium and I will be very pleasure to explain everything to you about it. We create every your picture, photo or design to a like a printed personalized photo. You can mail us your pictures to scan or you can send images to us by e-mail or you can point us to an image on the Internet that you might wish to use. It's a pleasure for me to give to you more details .Now any enthusiast can have a personal photo converted to a painted Plexiglas.

Abstract circle skirt

Abstract circle skirt

This fit and flare linen skirt is sure to leave your friends green with envy. The abstract print circles of this linen fabric gives a smart contemporary look to this skirt. The abstract print skirt features 7 panels which fit and gentle flares out with back zip closure and fully lined. I have pre-washed this skirt to ensure that it does not shrink when it is cleaned.

contemporary floral prints

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