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How To Keep Shower Clean

how to keep shower clean

    shower clean
  • will work great in your shower. You can spray your whole shower including the shower head. (You must start with a spot free shower to get good results).

    how to
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.

  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic

  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Providing detailed and practical advice

how to keep shower clean - $5.00 Super

$5.00 Super Spray Clean, Water Saving, Low Flow Amazing Shower Head 2.0 Gpm

$5.00 Super Spray Clean, Water Saving, Low Flow Amazing Shower Head 2.0 Gpm

Super saver- Super Low Cost & Super Low Flow - 2.0 gpm. Spray Clean fixed spray shower head, self cleaning and maintenance-free. Pass hand across thermo-plastic rubber jets to clean shower head as needed. Durable and resilient white plastic body means no corrosion. Energy efficient. Save money and conserve water. Non-removable Neoperl pressure compensating flow controller produces steady low flow rate no matter what the water pressure. Great for hard water areas. Easy installation shower head , no tools required. Manufactured to high standards and highest energy savings. Plastic fitting and screen washers for serious flow control. Comes complete with instructions and teflon tape for installation. Save Water & money with this great shower head.

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158. Pet a racoon

158. Pet a racoon

We woke up around 11 cause Colter kept texting. Apparently he was going to come get her soon. Which totally ruined our days plans but thats ok. So she showered n what not. Made strawberry whipped cream and finished the cupcakes. They are good but the pink part of the pink lemonaide is sort of lacking.. Theyll be better next time. We went and got Little Caesars pizza n crazy bread, yum. Ending up getting more Christmas lights. We pretty much just hung out all day cause we didnt know what was going on with Colter. We listened to music, watched movies, talked, walked to the store a few times, redid part of my christmas lights lol. Its wild how no matter how long either of us are away it falls right back like it was before just like that. It was between I wanna say 5 or 6 when she got picked up lol we totally didnt have to wait around for him! But he let me borrow Dantes Inferno. I cleaned the room up n started playing Dantes Inferno. It started out alright, its a lot like God of War.. but not near as good. He even kind of looks like Kratos lol but the block is different in them so its been throwing me off. I played til it pissed me off n then put a movie in til 9 rolled around n I went downstairs to watch 16 and Pregnant with Rachael, I was down there watching some Jail show til like 11. Then I came back up here, watched a little more of the movie and ate pizza til the gaming urge took over and I put Dantes Interno back in. I dont like it. The game play is just pissing me off. Everything is just accomplished stupidly. Its like a GOW rip off n I dont like it at all. I might give it another shot but Im pissed that it doesnt auto save, n that I get stuck behind things, n cant see what Im fucking doing. Its just set up weird. My ps3 is offset btw. Its like they took off the top and didnt put it back on right, Im gonna have Ryan look at it. I want to game but I think Im done with Dantes Inferno, atleast for the night lol. Probably just gonna pop in a movie and either work on my story, which Ill explain in a minute or read Feed. Oh I started my sea monkeys, well Im purifying their water right now and tomorrow at 11 I can put the eggs in, so in like a week Ill have tiny shrimp to look at.
So about that story. TJ gave me that idea about coming up with a story and taking pictures to go along with it. I came up with a general idea, Chiara likes it but TJ told me it wasnt a real story... See heres where Im at after just a day of thinking about it so its gonna change a lot. But what I want is to change and flip the prince and princess story, maybe even darken it up a bit cause Im weird like that. But I want the princess to rescue the prince, and it is NOT going to be a love story. Not every story needs to be a damn love story people. Now either she will rescue him and turn down his offer to make her queen and become just another normal person outside the kingdom and he will go do his thing and marry some chick in a different story. Or she will rescue him, turn down his offer to make her queen, and go on to be some badass warrior saving the people from general evil and mistreatment. Or we can just cut out the rescue and make this really twisted and she can kill him as some "free the people" sort of thing lol. Its a working progress but I want a prince and a princess, and I dont want a love story. We will see where it goes from here. Ryan says hes gonna find me models, but Id really be more comfortable just using my friends. Im patient, I can wait til Chiara comes back lol.
Its 2.. I just attempted to clean out my top drawer n decided I need to invest in something to put my shit in. I need a job.. Things cost too much, Christmas is gonna come in like Jan./Feb. lol just like when I was a kid. Hey, it doesnt matter when you get someone something, it just matters that you got it at all. Well I think Im gonna get a bit of candy, brush my teeth, work out, crack open my book and call it a night. I hate being alone.

Sticky note. I like racoons, raccoons... Is it a double c? It very well could be but fuck it, I used one lol I dont have internet to check myself. Anywho, they are cute and I want to pet one. One that wont bite me preferably lol.
I stuck it to Shyannes dresser, which my stuff is sitting on lol well minus the TV but Im currently using that. Juno, GOW Collection, and Dantes Inferno are up there along with my PS3. Iv got friends in low places is playing on the TV, and you can see my purdy Christmas lights. Oh and I totally did bubble letters :D I know, Im a dork.. but Im very much ok with that

Well goodnight all, all that actually read this lol Um thanks for reading? Sweet dreams to you. Id say I love you, but who knows.. Maybe your some creep, but even if you are I mean I love you for reading? I dont know, please dont kill me :) lol I need sleep!!! XP

the pillow queen

the pillow queen

I love how in the mess that is my room right now (I haven't had the time or the energy to clean it, but believe me, on friday it's getting a mini-makeover) nitelite has found the one pillow on the floor. I'm kind of relieved because she keeps wanting to use this throw pillow I like to sleep on. it's really silky softish (can't remember the name of the material right now...but it's kind of a large knit material, not like cotton) and whenever she wants to wake me up in the morning, she does the little kitty claw kneading thing which is making pulls and holes in the fabric. I'm glad she's using a different pillow (until I get in bed at least) but I know she's putting holes and pulls in the squish pillow too. grah.

I think she's getting old too. she's not acting like it or anything, but I was thinking about how old cleo is and how much older that makes nitelite. she's got to be pushing 13 I would think...that's old in kitty years. I think our oldest was miso who died at 16. milo is getting on up there too. I got her in that puts her at 16 like miso. assuming my math is right. she's still alive and kicking though. she gets midnight crazies (or at least when she lived with me last semester she still did) and I bet she still catches critters outside, although since her snakebite incident mom and dad have tried to keep her safely inside. she liked to lay on the back porch with the dogs though, but maybe she doesn't want to be out there now there aren't any dogs...sorry, my mind wanders.

I can't believe how soon my birthday is. I still remember my birthday last year and it seems like it was only a month or so ago. what a year that's gone by.

I hope nitelite and cleo live until the big move to graduate school. I don't think I could do it without them. even if I got new pets, I like coming home to the girls I've known for more than a decade. that familiarity is comforting. a new puppy is fun, but I wouldn't really "know" them yet. it would be like having a baby--they're not even a person yet, they're just something that plays and eats and poops. cleo and nitelite do those things too, but I know I can hug them whenever I want and i know when I get in bed, they'll get in too and I know nitelite will wake me up in the morning when its breakfast time...I still really miss snowball too. I cried over him yesterday in the shower. I never know what makes me think of him. I cry over willie sometimes too, but I was closer to snowball. some animals are such charming characters, they're unforgettable and it's rare a day goes by that I don't miss them. I know I'll miss my girls when they're time comes. I hope I won't have to make the decision to put them down or not. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

can you tell I'm supposed to be doing homework?

how to keep shower clean

how to keep shower clean

A Goose in the Shower . . . Is Good Clean Fun

This collection of verse transports the reader through seas of double meanings, sestiveness, intimate views of personal behavior, satire, and elusive love. It parallels the seriousness of Poe with parodies of form evoking the terror of The Raven, and with an air of levity, these portray the frustrations of a self-storage center manager in The Craven, and a language professor in The Maven, both of which follow the style and form of the insuperable E. A. Poe. A look at the innocence of alternate sexuality and the novelty of youthful personal interaction is portrayed in The Young and the Gay which itself expresses an attitude about social views of human emotion without taking a stand. It leaves the perception up to the reader to come to any conclusions. A Goose in the Shower is a playful presentation of the fads and foibles of human sexual behavior, and it objectively observes the patterns of courtship in many of the venues where it is least expected to be observed.

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