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Flower Bouquet Coloring Page

flower bouquet coloring page

flower bouquet coloring page - Encore Software

Encore Software Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book Friends Pages Leap To Life In 3D

Encore Software Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book Friends Pages Leap To Life In 3D

Preschoolers can create beautiful, life-like, three-dimensional pictures with a simple click of a mouse by choosing from an array of 64 Crayola colors and 30 exciting coloring book pages.Bring animals to life with dynamite Crayola colors, and jazz up images with wacky textures and patterns.The possibilities are endless! Requirements. Windows95,98,2000orXP. Pentium90MHz(Pentium133MHzrecommended). 16MBRAM. 15MBfreeharddiskspace. SVGAmonitor,640x480,256colors. DirectXcompatiblesoundcard. DirectXcompatiblevideocard. 4XCD-ROMdrive. Printer(optional).

83% (17)

Lily Among the Thorns

Lily Among the Thorns

You’ve read book after book, devouring chapters of blazing gazes and whispered promises, but as the last page turns, four walls return and you’re left, alone and silent, in the emptiness.

You’ve tried the warm arms of a cold heart, only to lay awake in the morning sifting through ashes of a fire fanned out.

You’ve stood in the deli section of the grocery store, ticket in hand for shaved ham, noting how similar you feel to the piece of meat being weighed on the silver scale.

You’ve assessed yourself with practiced eyes in front of the mirror, magnifying every blemish, every wrinkle, every added curve until, like Dorian Gray’s portrait, the reflection turns into a hideous monster.

You’ve watched friend after friend float down a petal-strewn aisle, your bridesmaid dress fitting a bit too snug, pondering when it will be you tossing the bouquet instead of catching it.

You’ve trailed rivers of tears down your pillow in the dark, replaying the events of hours earlier and asking yourself over and over why you just weren’t enough.

So you hesitate with your heart, skeptic anyone will sweep you off your feet.

Then He appears. Almost out of nowhere. You’re in the corner of a coffee shop, sipping your favorite latte. Jogging through a park, feet flying over the pavement. On your second load of laundry, separating the delicates. At first, the smile on His face slides over your head. Surely it couldn’t be aimed at you. But you sneak another glance, this time noticing the depths of piercing eyes fastened on you.

He makes His way towards you, stopping a few feet from your gaping stare. With a gentle yet purposed stride, He closes the distance and pulls you into His arms. It feels natural, as if your head was formed for His shoulder.

Leaning down, He tickles your ear with words. “You are beautiful.”

A kiss, soothing on your scalp, lands in the meadow of your hair. “You are who I’ve been searching for.”

Hands, stained with scars, wipe away the drops of doubt that roll down your face without permission. His next breath filters to your heart, fusing precisely into the space you’ve branded hopeless, and you return the embrace, this unexpected love springing swiftly to your soul.

“Like a lily among the thorns, so is My darling among the maidens.”

Just For Today I Will

Just For Today I Will

Just for today, I will remember the beauty in the curve and smell of fresh cut flowers.
Just for today, I will take my shoes and socks off and walk in the grass with a friend.
Just for today, I will lay aside the colors of anger for the softer shades of forgiveness.
Just for today, I will walk away from the computer.
Just for today, I will stop trying to stick a thousand bandaids on an old wound but rather air it out and leave it uncovered to the wind.
Just for today, I will bake an apple pie so I can smell it and savor the taste without worrying about the calories.
Just for today, I will notice and revel in the glorious light coming in through my windows without trying to photograph it.
Just for today, I will read a book with real pages, that has nothing to do with photography.
Just for today, I will breathe until my lungs have expanded to their absolute capacity.
Just for today, I will watch my husband and son practice parallel parking between two trash cans and recognize that this is one of those defining moments in his life, and that it is also one in mine.
Just for today, I will read that special letter that means SO much to me and then I will go back and read it again. And again. And again. Until I've memorized it.
Just for today, I will look in the mirror and say, you are beautiful and strong, and I love you.
Just for today, I will be thankful that I am alive and that there are people in my life who love me.
Just for today, I will let tomorrow...take care of itself.

flower bouquet coloring page

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