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GayPatriot » Obama Worldview Unchanged Since His College Years?

GayPatriot » Obama Worldview Unchanged Since His College Years?

The health care wars raged on last Thursday as President Obama made an appearance at the University of Maryland in College Park to rally support.

The College Football Hall of Fame, which never managed to attract the number of visitors its organizers hoped for after moving it to South Bend in 1995, is being moved to Atlanta to bring it more exposure, organizers told the city.

Check out these amazing pranks pulled by students.

After the swine flu scare last spring and the precautions it prompted, College administrators spent the summer increasing institutional knowledge of the H1N1 virus and developing protocol in preparation for its arrival on campus. ...

Like fruit, vegetables and corn from a jar, college football is good for you. That is, unless you#re a suffering USC or BYU fan, dream.

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