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Ocean Party Decorations - Decorate Your Room Games - Butterfly Garden Decor.

Ocean Party Decorations

ocean party decorations

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ocean party decorations - Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish and The Big Ocean Party

Rainbow Fish and The Big Ocean Party

Based on the award-winning beloved Rainbow Fishpicture booksProduct InformationThe new tide is in and it's Party Time! Celebrate with Rainbow Fish andfriends as they organize a big talent show featuring dancing acrocrabstap-dancing penguins a shrimp ballet and big bandshell orchestra. Theshow promises to be a fantastic extravaganza but there's so much to do: buildsets create light shows design spectacular fireworks and make sure everyonegets through rehearsals. But with Hammer the Shark distracting the crabsfrom their trampoline show decorations not finished and dancers and singersbarely ready to perform Rainbow Fish needs your help to turn the fun and frolicinto a show that's a huge success!Product Features Rainbow Fish's beautiful sparkling scales are extra special and unique in this 3D software adventure Based on the award-winning beloved Rainbow Fish picture books which have sold more than million copies worldwide. New beautifully rendered 3D underwater environment Enchanting music plentiful songs and quality sound effects and dialogue enhance the interactive experience of being involved in the party Features the award-winning artwork of bestselling illustrator Marcus Pfister Two levels of difficulty Non-linear adventure with different workshops to play inMinimum Requirements Windows 95 98 Me XP Vista Pentium 266 MHz processor (at least 800 MHz for Vista) 64 MB of RAM (at least 512 MB for Vista) 800 x 600 screen resolution 160bit color screen 16-bit Sound Card CD-ROM drive Keyboard Mouse Speakers

88% (12)

NUMBER 36: Ocean Terminal to Holyrood Palace

NUMBER 36: Ocean Terminal to Holyrood Palace

Saturday June 28th 2008

Get on at Ocean Terminal, 5.16pm.
Bus is full, the sky threatens rain but the windows are open. On the back seat a girl lies down with her head in her boyfriends lap. A NO SMOKING window sticker scratched in places where the light shines through. Weeds growing up strong through the pavement next to the river. The doors hiss open at the stop on Henderson Street. And faded flyposters of David Essex. A red rose in the garden of a rest-home. Glimpse of the top of the mill through a gap on Bonnington Road, white against the dirty sky. More weeds. A bald man pushes his children dangerously high on a playground swingset, but they laugh and he laughs also. Steps leading up to a flat above a hairdressers, number 43, with a hanging basket. Where there was an inflatable Santa last Christmas a frayed rope still hangs and moves in the breeze. The air is heavy. And into Stockbridge, the back seats empty, a weather vane showing the wind is moving south-west, and the window of an old woman's flat, in the centre a decoration of an angel blowing a horn. Private gardens. Some lights already on in sitting rooms. Turn left and leave the cobbles, slowly across the river. A man in front has a baseball cap with a Norway flag on it. A drunk-looking man leers at a girl walking past in high heels. Diverted through Charlotte Square, puddles from earlier rain and a distant siren. And onto Princes Street, where a jewelry shop window sparkles with fake diamonds. One of the statues, of Adam Black, covered in bird shit. A hen party spills from a pub, the bride with a veil and an inflatable sheep. And the Royal Mile teeming. Net curtains billow from the smoked-glass windows of a hotel. The indicator clicks on and off.
People faraway on the hill.

Jane's Luau Ocean-Themed Cake

Jane's Luau Ocean-Themed Cake

Being the child of a cake decorator, Jane had a lot of demands. The cake flavors she wanted were coconut cake and marble cake. Some people really don't like coconut, so I didn't want to do the whole thing in coconut. Bottom layer is marble cake with buttercream icing. All the shells and decorations are chocolate. The pink and purple sea anemones are coconut cake balls. The top layer is orange cake with buttercream icing waves, pink chocolate surfboards and a hula girl angel figurine Jane picked out.

ocean party decorations

ocean party decorations

Children's Ocean Fish Party Decorative Night Light

Handcrafted in the USA to the highest standards by Decoration Sensation using licensed materials with great individual care and attention to detail. We are certain that you will be completely delighted and satisfied with our product. All purchased Items will arrive via USPS and a the tracking # will be sent to you. We also offer matching Drawer Knobs, Trivets, Sponges, Bookmarks, Outlet Covers, Double Size Switchplates, Triple Size Switchplates, Rocker GFI Covers, Combo Switchplates, Phone and Cable Covers.

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