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Hair Flowers Accessories

hair flowers accessories

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Red Sequin Sexy Senorita Hair Flower

Red Sequin Sexy Senorita Hair Flower

¦¦Just in time for Valentines Day, the COLORS OF LOVE valentine inspired hair accessory Line (section to the right)¦¦

Who's a sexy girl? You will be with this lovely little gem!
Red Sequin hair flower is a showstopper. It's super sparkly and has a touch of black veil netting just to add extra spice! Flower has wire in the petals so you can form as you so wish and it attached via a comb.

Turn up your A game and have 'em seeing stars!

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Pony holders using vintage fabrics and extra large covered buttons.
Yo-yo flower hair clips for my DD and nieces. (070403)

hair flowers accessories

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