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Hotel In Central Rome. Designer Hotels Berlin

Hotel In Central Rome

hotel in central rome

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FZ8 first shots

FZ8 first shots

First shots with the Panasonic DMC-FZ8 on 4/22/2007. I bought the camera at the Termini train station in Rome earlier that day after learning the night before my Olympus DSLR and lenses had been stolen in transit somewhere between SFO and my hotel in central Rome.

When I tried the camera for the first time, I discovered the memory card I bought wasn't compatible with the camera, which could take 4GB SD cards -- so long as they were 4GB *SDHC* cards. So these shots were taken without a card and stored in the camera's 27MB onboard memory, which didn't have a lot of room to spare. I would buy a SDHC card in a little camera shop in Pompei the next day.



Welcome to Yes hotel in central rome ,the answer to all of your accommodation needs. This centrally located 3 star hotel in Rome offers spacious, good quality rooms and a high level of service at the right price, ensuring that your stay in Rome is enjoyed to the fullest.

hotel in central rome

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