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Secondhand Serenade Fall For You Free Ringtone

secondhand serenade fall for you free ringtone

    secondhand serenade
  • Secondhand Serenade is an acoustic rock band, led by vocalist and guitarist John Vesely. Vesely has released three studio albums to date under the name Secondhand Serenade: Awake in 2007 and A Twist in My Story in 2008.

    free ringtone
  • (Free ringtones) A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

    fall for
  • be deceived, duped, or entrapped by; "He fell for her charms"; "He fell for the con man's story"

  • fall in love with; become infatuated with; "She fell for the man from Brazil"

  • to be attracted to someone; to be deceived, tricked, or fooled.

secondhand serenade fall for you free ringtone - A Twist

A Twist In My Story

A Twist In My Story

This follow-up to "Awake" finds Secondhand Serenade, a.k.a. John Vesely, adding to his signature raw vocals and guitar with orchestration and a full band. Produced by Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails) and Butch Walker (All American Rejects, Avril Lavigne), John crafts different styles of songs, taking you through the highs and lows of love and life. #1 unsigned artist seven consecutive months. iTunes "Next Big Thing" featured artist. Won Yahoo "Who's Next?" Clear Channel's "Artist To Watch".

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Fall for roses...

Fall for roses...

The temperature has dropped more than 15 degrees in the last two days.
This is a Canadian explorer rose from my front yard.
(With some aphid action + Grunge Chocolate + Vintage Rose textures from Pareeerica and Ruby Blossom, respectively.) Thank you both!

For those of you celebrating (Canada + U.S.)... hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend.
Thanks for stopping by xx

Falling for you

Falling for you

I finally did it lol i got one falling ^_^ and its not fake !

Processed with Michelle Nicole's Vintage Xp Action set {See my profile for a link}

Fresh Vintage action 20%
Pretty Vintage action 100%
Vintage Tea action 15%

secondhand serenade fall for you free ringtone

secondhand serenade fall for you free ringtone

Hear Me Now

Platinum-selling artist Secondhand Serenade returns with his highly anticipated third album Hear Me Now. With the heat of summer in full swing, the next stage of Secondhand Serenade's saga is gearing up for release. Those familiar with the words of John Vesely, the man behind Secondhand Serenade, have lived through his picturesque stories of life's ups and downs - from the act's acoustic debut, Awake, to the fuller, and more emotionally complex sounds of 2008's sophomore A Twist In My Story. Fans have gravitated to John's heart-on-his sleeve approach. "Hear Me Now" is calling to be heard.

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