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Usb Camera Wireless

usb camera wireless

    usb camera
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.

  • radio: medium for communication

  • transmission by radio waves

  • Lacking or not requiring wires

  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

usb camera wireless - Wireless Dental

Wireless Dental Camera - AV or USB Connection

Wireless Dental Camera - AV or USB Connection

Manufacturer Specifications Camera ?Image Device: 1/4 CMOS ?TV system: PAL- 628x582 Resolution ?Horizontal Definition: 380 TV Lines ?Angular Field of View: 45 deg ?Minimum Illumination: 2 Lux ?6 Built In LED Lights ?White Balance: Auto ?S/N Ratio: 52dB ?Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz ?Recommended Max Range for Objects: 10~30mm (auto focus) ?Transmission Range: 10 Meters ?Power Source: Built In Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ?Dimensions: 215mm x 26mm x 25mm (L x W x D) Receiver ?Receiving Frequency: 2.4GHz ?Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz ?Frequency Stabilization: +/-100KHz ?Demodulation Mode: FM ?Antenna: 50ohm SMA ?Receiving Sensitivity: <-85dBm ?Power Source: DC 5V ?Dimension: 70mm x 85mm x 20mm (L x W x D) ?Channels Available: 4 ?Channel Select for Multiple Cameras ?USB to Computer/AV OUT Product Notes ?Included Drivers/Programs on CD - Systems: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) ?1.3MP Snap Shot Pictures Saved Directly to Computer When Receiver Connected to PC ?Included Sanitary Covers ?Comfortable hand held design ?Camera with built in rechargeable battery

88% (8)

usb ports

usb ports

i have added two new usb ports.

the hub i am normally using for SD card reader has become unrelieable.

luckily there are 4 extra ports on the mainboard! both of the extra channels are USB 2.0.

the gadget with the LEDs is the SD card reader for the digital camera.

the device on the right is the wireless modem! upto 300 kbyte/sec but usually 30 to100 to kbyte.

Going Wireless

Going Wireless

This is currently the state of my desk. "Wireless" is an inaccurate description, but this is all the cables and chargers I have aqquired since I went "wireless" about a year ago. You may notice that most of them are not even connected.

usb camera wireless

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