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Portable dancing floor : Mezzanine floor system : Flooring interiors.

Portable Dancing Floor

portable dancing floor

    dancing floor
  • The Dancing Floor is a 1926 novel by John Buchan featuring Edward Leithen. It is the third of five novels written about the character of Leithen.

  • a small light typewriter; usually with a case in which it can be carried

  • of a motor designed to be attached to the outside of a boat's hull; "a portable outboard motor"

  • A version of something, such as a small lightweight television or computer, that can be easily carried

  • A small transportable building used as a classroom

  • easily or conveniently transported; "a portable television set"

portable dancing floor - Platinum Stages

Platinum Stages Extreme Multi Piece Portable Dance Pole 45mm Chrome

Platinum Stages Extreme Multi Piece Portable Dance Pole 45mm Chrome

Platinum Stages 45mm Chrome Extreme multi piece super pole breaks down into multiple pieces which will allow it to fit any ceiling height up to 12 feet(366cm) with optional extension if needed. This pole will reach up to 9' 9" out of the box, where X-poles only go to 9ft. out of the box! The extreme multi piece super pole is available in genuine high polished stainless steel, it is also available in 1.75 inch(45mm) diameter. This Extreme multi piece super pole holds 200 lbs(91kg) and has the capability to spin or stay static stationary. This pole does not require any screws or drilling into your ceiling or floor. These poles assemble and disassemble in minutes and adjust from the bottom or top of the pole for easy installation. The pole is pressure mounted so it will not leave any marks on your ceiling and floor. Everything needed to assemble is included. Comes in a cardboard case with handle. The removable pole will also work on vaulted ceilings**. **vaulted ceiling adapters sold separately. *This extreme pole fits ceilings between 7 feet 9 inches to 9 feet 9 inches stock; an extra extension can be purchased to allow for any ceiling height up to 12 feet.

89% (11)

Wood effect dance floor

Wood effect dance floor

Perfect for any celebration these portable dance floors come in three sizes (4m x 4m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m) and can be purchased directly from our website, our ebay shop or via telephone sales on 0871 423 4252.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

The Chamber's event room has a 15' x 15' portable dance floor. The room also has HD audio-vidual making it a great location to view a slideshow or watch videos.

portable dancing floor

portable dancing floor

The Dancing Floor

For years, Heather Tradescant had dreamed of the journey she and her father would take to England--a pilgrimage to the great gardens of history.Now that her father is dead, Heather is determined to fulfill his dreams. Unfortunately, her request to see the fabled 17th-century garden of Troytan House is denied by the owner. Though unwelcome, she braves the walls of briars and reaches the Victorian manor house beyond. She senses a strange mission of evil lurking, tainting the manor's peaceful beauty. Only then does Heather begin to wonder whether it is only stories of long-vanished witchcraft that haunt Troytan House or whether there is some more modern horror, hearer at hand, and far, far more dangerous.
Continuing in the classic tradition she established with such acclaimed novels of suspense as Stitches in Time, Vanish with the Rose, and House of Stone, New York Times bestselling author Barbara Michaels has penned a chilling tale that will keep you reading until the last page.

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