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California Attorney General Consumer Fraud

california attorney general consumer fraud

    attorney general
  • the chief law officer of a country or state

  • the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department; "Edmund Randolph was the first Attorney General, appointed by President Washington"

  • The head of the US Department of Justice

  • In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general, or attorney-general, is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may in addition have executive responsibility for law enforcement or responsibility for public prosecutions.

  • The principal legal officer who represents a country or a state in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government

    consumer fraud
  • Consumer fraud occurs when a product or service is represented or advertised in a different manner than the product or service’s actual performance or cost. Consumer fraud covers a wide range of dishonest practices in the advertising, marketing and sale of a product or service.

  • In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent.

  • Deceptive practices that result in financial or other losses for consumers in the course of seemingly legitimate business transactions.

  • a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes

  • In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia (????????) is sometimes the food, sometimes the drink, of the Greek gods (or demigods), often depicted as conferring ageless immortality upon whoever consumes it.

  • (californian) of or relating to or characteristic of California or its inhabitants; "Californian beaches"

  • A state in the western US, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean; pop. 33,871,648; capital, Sacramento; statehood, Sept. 9, 1850 (31). Formerly part of Mexico, it was ceded to the US in 1847, having briefly been an independent republic. Large numbers of settlers were attracted to California in the 19th century, esp. during the gold rushes of the 1840s; it is now the most populous state

California Oak

California Oak

California Oak tree in Los Angeles



California; Septembre 2010.

california attorney general consumer fraud

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