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Paris Kitchen Decor - Bar Decors.

Paris Kitchen Decor

paris kitchen decor

  • Cuisine

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  • The Custard Factory is an arts and media production centre in Birmingham, England .

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paris kitchen decor - Oopsy daisy

Oopsy daisy Postcard from Paris Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Sharon Furner, 24 by 20-Inches

Oopsy daisy Postcard from Paris Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Sharon Furner, 24 by 20-Inches

Our children's stretched canvas wall art reproductions are created in Oopsy daisy’s San Diego studios where we print in the best digital method currently available, achieving great clarity and color resolution in each piece. After printing, the canvas is stretched by hand over a wood frame. The sides of the canvas include a decorative edge, so no framing is required. Our canvases may be wiped clean with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. Each piece ships with artist biography information on the back.

80% (7)

TranDucHomes timber wooden house du an nha go Da Lat 7

TranDucHomes timber wooden house du an nha go Da Lat 7


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Khu du l?ch sinh thai “Giao Hu?ng Xanh” n?m gi?a m?t thung lung ben nh?ng r?ng thong xanh, chen gi?a hoa c? c?a vung d?t cao nguyen va m?t h? nu?c xanh d?y ch?t tho m?ng va tr? tinh. Khung c?nh noi day nh? nhang, em ? t?o nen m?t b?c tranh s?ng d?ng t? thien nhien.

Nh?ng kh?i ki?n truc nha g? mai ch? A la nh?ng d?c trung c?a vung d?t du?c xem la th? ph? Paris th? hai du?c tai hi?n l?i m?t cach tinh t? va nh? nhang theo v?n co c?a no. Nh?ng b?c thang c?p cung du?c l?p g? theo tri?n d?c d? d?n l?i len nh?ng can nha g? nhu ban phim c?a cay dan piano go nh?p di?u cho “b?n giao hu?ng”. Khi man dem buong xu?ng l?p l? trong man suong la anh sang t? cac can nha t?o nen s? huy?n bi cho khu ngh? du?ng. V?i thi?t k? n?i ngo?i th?t g? d?ng b? t? vach, tr?n, san, c?t, giu?ng, ban, gh?, t?…t?t c? khong gian du?c bao trum b?i ch?t vang c?a g? thong nguyen so t?o s? ?m cung trong ti?t tr?i se l?nh c?a Thanh ph? cao nguyen. Sau g? thi kinh la v?t li?u ch? d?o noi day, ch? nh?n c?a khu nghi du?ng mong mu?n cho du khach khi d?n day s? t?n hu?ng du?c toan b? m?ng xanh thien nhien, hoa c? c?a nui r?ng ben ngoai. “B?n giao hu?ng” ch?c ch?n s? lam say long t?t c? cac du khach khi d?n day du ch? m?t l?n.



Decor du film "Mon oncle" - Jacques Tati (1958) - Exposition au" 104" - Paris

paris kitchen decor

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