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Mario Brothers Room Decor

mario brothers room decor

  • (brother) a male with the same parents as someone else; "my brother still lives with our parents"

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  • Mario is a the debut album by singer Mario, released on March 19, 2002 when he was still 15 years old. It features hits "Just a Friend 2002," "Braid My Hair" and "C'mon". The album sold over 96,000 copies in the first week and was eventually certified Gold, selling over 596,000 copies .

  • Mario Dewar Barrett (born August 27, 1986), who performs under the mononym Mario, is an American R&B singer, actor, model, dancer and philanthropist.

  • Mario is a 1984 Canadian drama film.

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mario brothers room decor - Brothers



The maturation of the Black Keys as record makers and performers has been both subtle and startling. With their 2008 Nonesuch release 'Attack & Release' - the fifth album of their eight-year career which doubled the sales of their previous album and Nonesuch debut 'Magic Potion' - guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney illustrated the durability of their few-frills sound, a mysterious and heavy brew of seventies-vintage rock, classic R&B and timeless, downhearted blues. Producer and pal Danger Mouse, their first outside collaborator, didn't try to reinvent their sound but further isolated its essence with the help of a few carefully chosen guest players and some retro-modern electronic gear. It didn't need to get slicker to get better, or, as the Boston Globe put it, ''Attack & Release' proves that cleaning up the boys still won't stop them from tracking mud all over the house.'

Danger Mouse returned to co-produce 'Tighten Up' on 'Brothers,' but for the most part, the duo was on its own, spending ten days at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama and coming up with the an even more intensely focused, deeply soulful set that includes a cover of Jerry Butler's 'Never Gonna Give You Up.' The performances are inventive and impassioned: Auerbach extends his vocal range to falsetto on the lead-off track 'Everlasting Light' and 'The Only One'; 'Howlin' For You' opens with a Gary Glitter-style drum riff and the chorus practically invites singing along. The tunes offer a surprising amount of lyrical candor and more than a little dark humor; the grooves alternate between ballsy swagger and bluesy rumination. The album reflects where Auerbach and Carney have been lately, most recently collaborating with a who's who of New York City MC's, including RZA, Q Tip, Mos Def and Raekwon on the 2009 BlakRoc super-session organized by hip-hop impresario and Black Keys fan Damon Dash. They've also pursued projects on their own, Auerbach with his solo 'Keep It Hid' album and tour, Carney with his band Drummer and its debut disc, 'Feels Good Together.' Their maturation didn't happen just in the studio, though. Carney admits, 'Dan and I grew up a lot as individuals and musicians prior to making this album. Our relationship was tested in many ways but at the end of the day, we're brothers, and I think these songs reflect that.'

'Brothers' was primarily cut in Muscle Shoals, a setting that turned out to have more in common with the Akron, Ohio factories where the Black Keys used to record. The place was desolate, the town depressed, so once again the duo slipped into a world all its own. They did additional recording at Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound System in Akron and The Bunker in Brooklyn. The album was mixed by engineer Tchad Blake, a veteran of sessions with Los Lobos, Pearl Jam and Peter Gabriel. Says Carney, 'The way he approaches mixing is the same way we approach making music. Respecting the past while being in the present.'

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Moustache Brothers

Moustache Brothers

The infamous Moustache Brothers, Mandalay, Myanmar.

The "Moustache Brothers" are a Pwe troupe (traditional Burmese entertainment) that combines music, drama and improvisation with a heavy dose of political satire that has seen Par Par Lay (performer in the middle) spend 7 (at least) years in jail for comments of support for Myanmar's Nobel peace prize winning democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi!

Jonas Brothers - 2009 Teen Choice Awards - Universal - August 9th

Jonas Brothers - 2009 Teen Choice Awards - Universal - August 9th

The Jonas Brothers performing, "World War lll" at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal in California.

mario brothers room decor

mario brothers room decor

Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition

Super Mario All-Stars is back! The Super Nintendo classic is now on the Wii system, featuring four great games and brand-new Wii Remote controls! Each unit includes: Four Classic Mario Games on one Disc. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Mario Bros. 3 – Challenge a friend in Super Mario Bros. 3's Battle Mode based on the classic Mario Bros. arcade game. Super Mario History Soundtrack. Super Mario History Booklet.

Super Mario All-stars: Limited Edition commemorates the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Super Mario Bros. with a collection of four classic platforming games from the Super Mario Bros. franchise for play via a single Wii disc. This new release is a reissue of the original 1993 Super Mario All-stars collection for NES featuring enhanced versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. The collection also contains an exclusive soundtrack / sound effect CD and the 32-page Super Mario History booklet. Additional features include: classic arcade-style multiplayer support, as well as multiple controller support.
Super Mario All-Stars game compilation logo
Games Included
Super Mario All-stars: Limited Edition is the ultimate archive for platforming fans on the Wii who are always ready for their turn when it comes to the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The games included in the collection are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Each game features the enhanced graphics and updated sound from the original Super NES Super Mario All-stars collection, and all four can be played on the Wii system using one of several controllers: the Wii Remote controller, Wii Remote Plus controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro or the Nintendo GameCube controller.
Games included in Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition
Four classic NES Super Mario Bros. games in one Wii collection.
View larger.
CD Soundtrack
The musical themes and sound effects of the Super Mario Bros. franchise have left a lasting influence on all players. With this in mind Super Mario All-stars: Limited Edition also includes a Super Mario History soundtrack CD, a compilation of memorable music from the Mario franchise. Containing classic theme songs and fun sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. game all the way up to the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy 2 game, this special disc also marks the first official release of the "Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme," widely recognized as one of the most famous pieces of video game music in history.
Super Mario History Booklet
Rounding out the Super Mario All-stars Limited Edition is a 32-page Super Mario History booklet featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes details and rare concept art. Fans from every generation can enjoy firsthand insights into the beginnings of Mario, illustrated with candid photos and never-before-seen design sketches. Together with the game software and soundtrack, it's the ultimate tribute to a unique game series.
Game Collection Features
Collection includes four classic games for Wii: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3
CD soundtrack containing themes and sound effects pulled from Mario games ranging from the original Super Mario Bros. through Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well the "Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme"
32-page Super Mario History booklet featuring interviews, concept art and interviews
All games support multiple controllers, including: Wii Remote controller, Wii Remote Plus controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro or the Nintendo GameCube controller
Additional Screenshots
Soundtrack and sound effects included with Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition
CD soundtrack included.
View larger. Mario trying to get by Bowser in the underworld from Super Mario Bros.
Classic NES conflicts.
View larger. Mario unloading a bomb
Upgraded graphics & sound.
View larger. 32-page Super Mario History booklet included with Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition
32-page Super Mario history.
View larger.

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