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Round Table Decoration

round table decoration

    table decoration
  • Any of many diverse articles placed on a dining table principally as ornament though some may have a secondary function

  • Pass and go around (something) so as to move on in a changed direction

  • Give a round shape to

  • wind around; move along a circular course; "round the bend"

  • a charge of ammunition for a single shot

  • from beginning to end; throughout; "It rains all year round on Skye"; "frigid weather the year around"

  • Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations

round table decoration - 12 pc

12 pc x Round 12" Glass MIRROR Wedding Table Decoration

12 pc x Round 12

Decorate your tables with our Round Glass Mirrors!

Great accent for wedding, parties or at home as table decoration or centerpiece. Available in a variety of sizes.

Additional Information:
* Each order is for 12 Round Mirrors.
* Diameter: 12" wide.

Because this is a Glass item - Despite multiple boxes and careful shipping, damages in transit are sometimes unavoidable. If it happens, we reserve the right to either replace or refund at our discretion. Our decision will be final on the method of replacement without any exceptions. If package is refused, it will be treated as if it's a return, shipping costs & 20% restocking fee will be deducted. By bidding/purchasing this auction, you accept and understand the risks involved.

81% (16)

Another Easter Wreath (Nog een Paaskrans)

Another Easter Wreath (Nog een Paaskrans)

* I made another Easter wreath, for a very sweet lady.
The wreath is made with a combination of dried natural materials, plastic eggs, paper and fabric flowers and easter chickies.
* Ik heb nog een Paaskrans gemaakt, voor een hele lieve dame.
De krans is gemaakt met een combinatie van gedroogde natuurlijke materialen, plastic eitjes, papieren en stoffen bloemetjes en Paaskuikentjes.

Natural Wreath (Natuurlijke Krans)

Natural Wreath (Natuurlijke Krans)

* Wreath I made yesterday with a mix of dried natural materials.
* Krans die ik gisteren gemaakt heb met een mix van gedroogde natuurlijke materialen.

round table decoration

round table decoration

Flokati Area Rug 5' Round Natural White Wool Heavy Soft Shag Carpet

These beautiful, hand-woven, high-quality Flokati rugs are 100% pure wool, made the same way they were made centuries ago in the Pindos Mountains in Greece. Thick and plush, these rugs provide a springy pile and a luxurious comfort that will last for years to come. Flokati rugs are composed of all-natural, completely organic fibers, making them ideal for children's and teen's rooms, plus their thick insulating properties help beat back some of the noise for apartment dwellers. The dedication and expert skills of our weavers can ensure that our rugs are masterfully crafted in order to provide you with a top quality product full of warmth and comfort for all lifestyles.Shake rug from time to time to restore its naturally good looks and beauty. If the rug become dirty or soiled, itcan be hand washed in cold or lukewarm water in most bathtubs, using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly after washing and hang up to dry. Note: We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or addresses outside of the United States. Additionally, we do not ship to APO or PO boxes.

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