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How Much Is 14 Karat Gold Worth

how much is 14 karat gold worth

    karat gold
  • Gold (10 karat or better) used in the manufacture of jewelry. According to U.S. law, the metal must be at least 10 karat or it cannot be called gold.

  • 14 karat (14k) gold is 14 parts gold to 10 parts other metal.

  • Any solid alloy of gold with other metals below a fineness of 24k but more than 10k. It should be stamped showing the actual fineness. These designations assure you that you are buying genuine karat gold jewelry.

    how much
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Florida - Palm Beach - Worth Avenue - Neiman Marcus

Florida - Palm Beach - Worth Avenue - Neiman Marcus

Worth Avenue, sometimes referred to as the Rodeo Drive of Florida, is a famous upscale shopping district stretching four blocks from Lake Worth to the Atlantic Ocean. The street first became fashionable after the construction in 1918 of the Everglades Club. Worth Avenue also includes smaller alleyways, known as Vias, off the main avenue.

The epitome of Palm Beach style, the street has approximately 250 shops, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries, including Neiman Marcus, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Hermes, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Chanel, Loro Piana, Brooks Brothers, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Vilebrequin, and Lacoste. An open-air mall, The Esplanade, lies at the eastern end of Worth Avenue. The Esplanade offers a variety of upscale shops anchored by department store Saks Fifth Avenue.

gorgeous Polonaise dress by Worth

gorgeous Polonaise dress by Worth

Worth was a Paris-based couturier who turned dressmaking into an art form. The dresses became status symbols due to their sumptuous fabrics and decoration, and fashionable clients flocked to his salon. This dress was worn by Mrs. Granville Alexander, daughter of the US sewing-machine pioneer Isaac Singer.

Evening Dress
Charles Frederick Worth

Worth was the biggest big-name designer of the Victorian age. Looking at this dress I can certainly see why! It looks like it would make the wearer look quite sexy. Though the waistline's a bit unreasonable.

how much is 14 karat gold worth

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