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How to put make up on asian. Revlon colorstay active light makeup spf 25.

How To Put Make Up On Asian

how to put make up on asian

    make up
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • A native of Asia or a person of Asian descent

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how to put make up on asian - Simply Put

Simply Put Deluxe Charging Station, Black (9541-5)

Simply Put Deluxe Charging Station, Black (9541-5)

The Simply Put Charger Station keeps all your gadgets organized, fully charged and ready for action! Thoughtfully designed for recharging cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and more, the SimplyPut Charger Station helps you avoid a web of tangled wires. Its built-in hidden 5 plug power strip makes it possible to plug in various types of portable technology simultaneously, while the attractive wood cabinet provides convenient dresser or desktop storage and concealing unsightly adapters at the same time. Three charging compartments are lined in Leatherette material featuring slots designed to manage and organize the typical tangled wire mess for a more clean and organized look. Store small items such as keys or headphones in the bottom pull-out drawer. Give up playing musical power outlets and let your devices practically organize themselves and simplify your life once and for all! Organization Simply Put. Measures 11.5 x 10 x 4.75-Inch. Color Black

82% (17)

116/365 Check Up

116/365 Check Up

Patient. This is all new to me, you know? You ever get that feeling where it just feels strange and you want to go back, but you can't? It's like, something's holding me back from this relationship. I can't ever get past it, you know?
Therapist. First of all, being honest, no, I don't know. Second of all, I don't even know what you're here for, what to diagnose you, what you're problem is. You're being introspective and emotional and all that stuff, but I can't read minds, Samual. You have to tell me what's wrong.
Patient. This relationship is new to me. Commitment is strange and I want to go back to being single, but I can't. I've mentioned "relationship." That should've told you I'm dealing with feelings of affection and love and all these things I never... ugh! And something's holding me back from being in love with her. It's driving me insane.
Therapist. (Puts away marker, clipboard, and glasses) Sam, I'm speaking to you as a friend now, not as a therapist.
Patient. Good, because you're a terrible one.
Therapist. (Sighs, almost annoyed) She's a wonderful girl. It's not surprising that you're not her first. Before you two were an item, you jumped at every oppurtunity to be with her, you comforted her, and you waited for her. Now that she's all yours, you're scared of not providing her needs in a partner. The needs that the others before you lacked and that's why you're holding back. It's fear, Sam. You're being cautious. Cautious is fine at the beginning of a relationship but if this goes on too long, caution can make you distant.
Patient. You're...right. I'm scared. I'm scared of losing her. I don't want to get too close with her because I know the closer I get, the harder it hurts when it ends. (Pauses) You're not bad at this at all.
Therapist. Well, we're still in college and I absolutely despise the psychology professer here. Plus therapists don't usually have a background of your childhood, your hobbies, your strengths, your weaknesses, your phobias... I'm not a good therapist. I just know how to be a good friend.
Patient. You're my best friend, Katherine. I wouldn't expect any less from you.

And SCENE! Just freewrote that duet right on the spot. My name isn't really Katherine. It's really Kady. And I'm actually a right-brained person even though me writing with my right hand shows differently. When I'm being filmed or photograph, I usually switch whatever I'm doing to my left hand to be percieved as different and more of an outside-of-the-box kind of person. I do write with my right hand, but I do just about everything else with my left hand with the exception of a few sports.

One main thing I do with my left hand is eat. If I'm eating ice cream, I hold the spoon on my left. If I eat spaghetti, the fork goes to the left. If I eat noodles, I use my left hand for chopsticks. I've eaten left-handed since I was about 11-12. I can even write neatly with my left but not as fast. However, I do find myself going up to the board in French and writing exercises subconciously with my south paw and scribbling with no difficulty.

haruko boho bag-13

haruko boho bag-13

Finally put the finishing touches on the Haruko Shoulder Bag and Clasp Purse Combo and finished it early last week!

A lot of work but well worth it! It was listed in ye old Etsy shop as of today. Rest assured, not all my bags will be extra huge like this one. Small ones are on the drawing board and will see the light of day soon!

Details on this bag:

Also known as “Haruko’s Humongous Bag of Holding”, this huge shoulder bag comes complete with 4 outer pockets on (2 on each side panel) and 4 large internal pockets seated within its blue velvet lined interior.

As an extra bonus I’m including a matching mini snap/clasp coin/clutch purse with this giant loot bag, so you’ll have a nice snug place to plant your loose change, credit cards or cell phone. Said mini clasp purse has a handy divide within it, giving you two spots for whatever you want to stash within it.

The main fabric featured here is a vibrant, multi-colored Asian dragon/floral print (cotton). A large tattoo of a dragon emblazoned on my back has given me a passion for dragon print fabrics lately and I just couldn’t resist this fabric. I had initially thought to make a skirt or apron from it, but I’m glad I decided on a big bag. For extra stability, the bag’s sides and bottom are made with durable cotton duck fabric of vibrant green hue. Cotton duck feels quite a bit like tough canvas and its rigidity adds longevity to the bag so you’ll enjoy it for many years (such fabric is often used as the underlying fabric for corsets). For extra measure, all internal seams are triple and double stitched.

The shear massive size of this bag makes it ever so perfect for just about everything. Take it to your Yoga or Pilates class where it’s sure to stir up conversation. Stuff your favorite yarn and needles into it for those marathon Stitch-n-Bitch knitting circle meetups or use it as a stylish baby bag that might make other mothers want to mug you for it!! Something about the velvet lining and large internal pockets makes moms go gaga for this bag so look out.

No matter what you’re up to, the Haruko bag is up to the task and the velvet underlining on the wide arm bands ensures comfort as you carry the bag throughout the day.

Size info for Haruko Shoulder Bag (in inches):
26.5? from bottom of bag to top of arm bands
15? from bottom of bag to top of the bag’s rim
17.5? wide from left to right side
10-12? of depth from front to back depending on how much you stuff into the bag’s body

Size info for clasp purse accessory (in inches):
6? from bottom to top
7? wide at largest area

Care instructions:
Hand Wash or Dry Clean Only!

Note: Though the bag is sturdy and large you should try to avoid overfilling with really heavy items since I’d hate for you to hurt your back or shoulders=) !!

Bag will come to you in gift-style wrappings, packed with love and care!

how to put make up on asian

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