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Home Office Decoration Ideas : Hanging Collage Frames With Decorative Iron Rod

Home Office Decoration Ideas

home office decoration ideas

    home office
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home office decoration ideas - Home Office,

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New Workspace

New Workspace

Yasmina spent all today rearranging the stuff in the office at home. The simple idea of dropping the shelf down almost to the same level as the desk magically creates a nice huge L shaped desk. Stuff on the shelves has been re-arranged and a little bit of light deco added. Now it's much nicer sitting surfing and working.

in the office

in the office

I usualy let the treadmill down, but I needed it up to clean the carpet. I can use the red shelf to put my laptop on and watch a DVD while I exercise.

I'd love to eventualy get that control panel somewhere else, or at least NOT in the middle of the wall.

home office decoration ideas

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