Digital Camera Deals Under 50

digital camera deals under 50

    digital camera
  • A camera that records and stores digital images

  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,  Compact Flash,  Memory Stick,  SD Card,  MMC Card)

  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

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Finally decided to throw up an updated photo of my desk. My 13" MBP is under the table sitting on the mini table(you can make out the legs), my rarely used printer is sitting down there too. I usually sit on my Yoga mat. While I don't have anything really at all powerful, I'm fairly happy with what I have, and think it will do just fine as I try to put my comics together this summer. I really don't see me changing anything anytime soon. I think it's gonna be like when I was younger and would use my Macs for years before I upgraded(then again, I wasn't paying for them). The only thing I might consider down the line is a Wacom tablet depending on how much I get into illustrating.

But as for what I have:

-2010 13" MacBook Pro(there's hardly anything pro about this lol) 2.4ghz C2D, 8GB RAM, 80GB Intel X25-M boot drive, 1TB Western Digital Scorpio Blue backup and storage drive. It's nothing special but it doesn't feel slow or anything for what I use it for.
-24" Apple Cinema Display. I like this a lot. I can do w/o the glare though. It's mounted with the Apple adapter(only available online) and a cheap tilt mount from monoprice. I'm gonna see what some friends can do about turning this into a 27" soon :D.
-Apple iPod Hi-Fi which was previously hooked up to my Airport Express(powered by AirFoil), but now is directly hooked up to my laptop via mini toslink since I don't work away from the table. I know people aren't a huge fan of this, but I got it for a fraction of MSRP, like most of my Apple gear, so I couldn't complain. My only issue is Apple dropping 12v charging from their portables. If I want to charge it on the speaker I need to use Scosche's passport adapter.
-Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Nothing really special about this.
-Apple Magic Mouse. I'm not sure why people hate this so much. I think the problem with most people using Apple's touch input devices is that they use their index finger to scroll, when it feels much more natural to use your middle finger and ring finger to do so. Try it. Only point and click with your index, and use your middle and ring to do scrolling. YMMV though.
-Comkia FW800 enclosure from Central Computers with a 1.5TB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda. The case was on sale for like $50, and isn't bad looking. The hard drive is loud though. I've had this for years so I'm thinking of getting some WD Greens to replace it(one to store and one to keep connected).
-iPhone 4. I'll be honest. I'm very happy with my phone and see no real reason to upgrade in a while. I'd dig a slightly bigger screen, but it's no deal breaker. There are a lot of other more impressive phones out there, but I'm getting to the point where specs don't mean as much to me as my daily experience. Hardware can only do so much. My only complaint is the lack of coverage in certain parts of the city.
-iPad. This has really replaced my need to carry around a laptop. Especially since I just tether off my iPhone. But then again I'm not some sort of power user that requires much. I don't really care about the cameras on the iPad 2, but I'll admit I'm jealous of the case design. I think the A5 would be helpful in playing back my 720p MKVs too. It's just photogene(with iPhone 4 images at least) and sketchbook pro seem to work just fine as it is. I've yet to test out the HDMI adapter with some movies or anime as I don't have a TV, but if it works out, then cool(EDIT: Found out XBMC won't output video from my iPad : ). I'll admit I think the Xoom is really nice, and if I hadn't already invested a lot in the App store, I'd get it over the iPad. I do find the whole Honeycomb deal to be kind of funny. But I get it, if I was Google, I'd protect my stream of money too.
-Apple Airport Express(not seen). I used to have an Extreme for wireless HDD access and 5ghz N, while my Express was used for wireless audio, printing and 2.4ghz N/G. Now that my laptop is just sitting around, and no one comes by that can't use 5ghz N, I sold the Extreme, pled directly into my speakers and have the Express set at 5GHZ N.
-Apple Remote. I have the aluminum one on my desk, and the older white one by my lampshade to change songs at night.
-Cobb's top. This was a giveaway at the Inception Panel last year.
-Canon 24-105mmL mug. I forgot which website I bought this from but I love it. Even has a lens cap lid :D
-Canon MP600 under the table. I hardly use this, but I have it for those rare occasions.
-RCA Comcast Cable Modem under the table.
-Eneloop charger and 8 batteries for my input devices.

I don't know what else to say really. I'm an Apple fanboy, but I'm not afraid to admit that I think Android is pretty cool. Windows 7 is nice and the best Windows has ever been. My short experience with Lion has been enh. I've sested to most of my friends looking at notebooks to consider HP's Envy line if they're not a Windows-Phobe, and only get a MacBook if you absolutely feel you need OS X and really prefer the Mac design over HP's.

College Park, Md: backtrails

College Park, Md: backtrails

[Motorola V3i > Gimp]

...well this should be the 2nd of the two shots, Flickr posted them to my stream in reverse order.

But anyway I couldn't really ask for a better result than this out of an old cellphone. Plus it took minimal effort in PP to get this. And the film shots that I took over the past two weeks aren't bad at all, I'll have to get the film scanned up in resolution "for posterity". I'm inspired to get a decent lens for my "new" Nikon N80 and see what I can get out it...though I debated also getting an old Maxxum film camera as well, because in the long run I'm looking at an A850. But I expect that Nikon will release the D3X sensor in a cheaper body.

So let's look at the economics of this for a minute.
Forgetting APS-C because, frankly, there's no real reason to shoot it beyond ISO200 for the shots that I want to take. And it's just not *that* much better than a G9ish p&s to be worth twice the price at *least* for even a low-end subframe & a good superzoom. You end-up getting a prime or a short zoom which defeats the whole purpose. Plus you're looking at an F8-F11 diffraction limit at 12MP. 15MP+ is just pushing it too far. $1k+ for 15MP+ on a subframe? Count me out. So the options are a good digital or film p&s or a good film or digital fullframe.

But why can't we do all four?
I can deal with a 10MP p&s like the G11, or getting film scanned to 15MP/shot for $15/roll.
The only thing that I can't deal with is $1k for even a 5D plus another $500 for a good IS lens to go on it...and getting 12MP out of it. Because I neither need nor want to take a lot of shots at ISO6400. Maybe the *occasional* shot, sure, but not enough to sink $2k+ into a rig to do that.

No, you can easily see that the # of shots at each ISO decreases along some power-curve, once you really get to know what you're doing, as long as you're not shooting action shots. Second, if you really want MP, usually you can shoot a pano and get way more than you would get from a single shot. Not always, but a good part of the time. So at the low end you can get a film SLR for $25 and a decent non-IS superzoom like the Tamron 28-135 for $200 or less. And then, sure, you're talking $15/30 shots @ 15MP, but that's still a hundred rolls between you and an A850 on eBay for $1500. You shoot 4 rolls each month, that's 2 years of shooting, and as many shots as I have taken over 3 years of digital shooting, I still have only 1300 shots in my stream and a good many of them are bad results that I put in to mark my progress. If I only posted 60 shots/month for the next two years, shooting film, I'd still come out with more film shots in my stream than digital. And at a higher resolution than I could get out of any fullframe short of a D3X or A850/A900.

You'd have to shoot 50 rolls of film at $10/roll with processing to match the retail cost of a Tamron 28-300VC *today*, again that's a years worth of shooting at 4 rolls/month. You have to ask: do you really need that lens *that* badly, just to take some landscape shots for fun? No. You need it to go around shooting twilight shots handheld, yes. But really there are only so many places that you can actually get good handheld twilight shots, where a tripod just isn't feasible. Much less, "a better idea than a high-ISO VC handheld shot". But I can rationalize a $500 VC lens a lot easier than I can rationalize a $2500 fullframe.

The way that I see it, 35mm film spans the gulf between a 10MP p&s and a 24MP fullframe *very* well. It's not as convenient as a p&s but you're not really going to want to shoot a p&s beyond ISO200 whereas so far I don't see a huge problem shooting color film at ISO800. And it's far better on a price/performance basis than a $1500+ fullframe, without the IQ compromises inherent in a subframe which have me at the point where I want nothing to do with one.

I can, happily, shoot film until the price of the digital gear that I really want comes down to affordable levels. Which will happen eventually. Especially if I can use the same lenses and people in Japan keep pumping-out new cameras. So my "buys" in the near future will be Tamron lenses that I can mount on either a fullframe or an old film SLR and autofocus either way. Meanwhile I'll save-up for an A850 or whatever Nikon comes out with that will use the D3X sensor but cost under $3k like the D700 does now. Cause you know it's going to happen.

digital camera deals under 50

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