Microwave Cart Home

microwave cart home

    microwave cart
  • A type of kitchen cart designed for a microwave to fit on top.

  • at or to or in the direction of one's home or family; "He stays home on weekends"; "after the game the children brought friends home for supper"; "I'll be home tomorrow"; "came riding home in style"; "I hope you will come home for Christmas"; "I'll take her home"; "don't forget to write home"

  • Made, done, or intended for use in the place where one lives

  • home(a): used of your own ground; "a home game"

  • Relating to one's own country and its domestic affairs

  • provide with, or send to, a home

  • Of or relating to the place where one lives

microwave cart home - Catskill Craftsmen

Catskill Craftsmen Utility Kitchen Cart/Microwave Stand, White Base with Natural Top

Catskill Craftsmen Utility Kitchen Cart/Microwave Stand, White Base with Natural Top

Catskill Craftsmen has become the nation's leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble domestic hardwood kitchen islands, carts, and work-centers. Catskill Craftsmen manufactured items are made from naturally self-sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily Northern Yellow Birch. Lumber is purchased from area sawmills, then dried, manufactured, and packaged on site. All sawdust, shavings and waste materials generated during the manufacturing process is converted into wood pellet fuel, and used to heat homes. A simple yet functional cart featuring a white lacquered base, natural lacquered top, two slated shelves and locking wheels to allow for mobile or stationary use. Imported.

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For the Flickr Group Roulette challenge for July 13th, 2008 - Words on Skin

It's a very personal affirmation for me at the moment! This month will mark my 2nd year away from home to teach in Korea. I wish to share a (now defunct) blog entry I wrote on my 2 month anniversary of living in Korea. Most is still apt today (I do have a cell phone and an oven now, wahooo!)

18 September 2006, Surfacing

My adventure in South Korea is now well into the 2nd month. My settling in period reminds me of learning to scuba dive. We were taught that if you become disorientated underwater and visibility does not allow you to determine ’which way is up’ you should follow the direction your airway bubbles float.

I am delighted that my constant state of disorientation is lessening. Yup, not only has this gal surfaced her head above the choppy waters, she is now developing a jaunty synchronised swimming routine!

Being a believer of living in the present moment, I do however do chuckle quietly at the differences thus far in my daily routine:

• I do not have a mobile phone. To think I had 2 at home...
• I catch a bus or walk everywhere. No car!!

• I cannot read most labels/packets/cooking instructions
• I do not have a microwave
• Or an oven
• All restaurants do home delivery for free
• Unfortunately, I cannot ring them and communicate what I would like or direct them to where I live!

• My landline monthly rental charge is $5 (beat that Telstra)
• My income tax rate is 2% (beat that Johnny)
• I refuse to pay $40+ for beef
• I happily pay $5 a kilo for rice
• $7 for an avocado
• and only $3 for a bottle of soju (fermented sweet potato wine)

• I eat pasta with chopsticks
• I eat black forest cake with chopsticks

• I do not have instant running hot water
• Toilet paper is 1ply
• The smallest pack size sold is 25 rolls
• Loo paper rolls are now creatively stacked in cupboards throughout my studio

• My lounge chair was found on the side of the road
• Unfortunately, the brown vinyl cushion is missing
• Fortunately, I carted it through he backstreets without anyone spotting me!

• Hello Kitty is cheap

Nuff said! This IS the adventure I was looking for!

Recycling rack

Recycling rack

My makeshift recycling center made of 2x4, MDF board, and three laundry baskets. This cost about $18 to build, not including the new circular saw I bought to replace my old one (which was branded Montgomery Ward, to give you an idea of how old it is). Anyway, with this setup it's really easy to throw the bins in the back of the truck and unload them at our community recycling center.

Now that I've cleaned up a substantial amount of clutter in our small utility room, I might have room for a little workbench. I want to get my painting supplies off the little rickety microwave cart they currently occupy.

microwave cart home

microwave cart home

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Cart, Natural

The solid Beachwood worktop provides you with a handily food preparation surface on this rolling storage cart. A top drawer is underpinned by a large two-door cabinet. Handy towel bar on one side helps too.

Perfect for small kitchens where every space has to serve double duty, Winsome Wood's single-drawer storage cart packs a lot of multi-task potential into its compact dimensions. The roomy top counter offers a large work area with a towel rail on the side for easy access. Just underneath sits a wide drawer for utensils and tools, while two lower doors open to reveal storage space with a shelf. Perched on lockable casters, the solid beechwood cart goes wherever it's needed, then slides away when not in use. The simple, clean style suits any decor and features large handles that are easy to grasp and pull--no matter how busy, cramped, or distracted the chef is! The cart measures 25-1/2 inches wide by 19-1/4 inches deep by 34 inches high. --Kara Karll

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