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Wrought Iron Pedestal Table : Tempered Glass Table Top : Cappuccino Occasional Sofa Table

Wrought Iron Pedestal Table

wrought iron pedestal table

    pedestal table
  • A table that features a center pedestal support instead of four legs.

  • a table supported by a single central column

  • A table which has a central supporting column or pillar.

  • A table with a single central support

    wrought iron
  • Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content, in comparison to steel, and has fibrous inclusions, known as slag. This is what gives it a "grain" resembling wood, which is visible when it is etched or bent to the point of failure.

  • A tough, malleable form of iron suitable for forging or rolling rather than casting, obtained by puddling pig iron while molten. It is nearly pure but contains some slag in the form of filaments

  • iron having a low carbon content that is tough and malleable and so can be forged and welded

  • Used for wrought iron, as opposed to cast iron; usually a building or structural material.

wrought iron pedestal table - Bago Luma

Bago Luma Medium Messina Iron Pedestal Table WTPM41

Bago Luma Medium Messina Iron Pedestal Table WTPM41

Bago Luma With its interesting and classic design, the Messina Iron Pedestal Table is perfect to add that touch of class to any room. While increasing surface space in your home, you are also adding a gorgeous accent to any space for displaying your favorite decorations. Multiple finish options give you the ability to customize to your current decor for that perfect fit. Features: - Constructed of hand forged iron. - Multiple finishes available. - Classic, interesting design. - Overall dimensions: 41" H x 14" W x 14" D. -Sizes are approximate and rounded to the nearest inch. Finishes: Finishes for Protected Areas: These finishes have been used successfully both indoors and outdoors on covered patios. -Natural Rust. -Sheer Metal. Finishes for Indoor Areas: These finishes are intended for indoor use only. -Florentine Gold. -Crackle White. -Crackle Squash. -Crackle Green. -Crackle Red. Finishes for Indoor & Outdoor Use: These weather resistant finishes are specifically designed to inhibit rust in areas with excessive moisture, but are as appropriate for indoor use as outdoors. -Summer Nights. -Red Clay. -Autumn Gold. -Spanish Moss. -Chestnut Brown. WTPM41

83% (10)

L'âme du fer

L'âme du fer

The iron's soul

C'est mon grand-pere qui a concu et realise ce gueridon en fer forge au milieu des annees 30. C'etait son travail de fin d'etudes a l'ecole des Arts et Metiers.

My grandfather designed and made this pedestal table in wrought iron in the middle of the 30s. It was his end of studies work at the "Arts et Metiers" engineers school of Lille.

The Corner after some work

The Corner after some work

Broken Bench, abandoned in the alley for 2 yrs: $0.00; Broken Planter, also abandoned: $0.00; chipped table top, left in the alley: $0.00; pedestal left when someone moved out: $0.00. "Green Garden" priceless!

wrought iron pedestal table

wrought iron pedestal table

Achla Model BBS02 Black Wrought Iron Twisted Metal Stake For Bird Baths With Threaded Connectors

This sturdy metal mounting stake features a decorative twist that highlights the appearance. It includes a threaded tip that mounts easily to any Achla bird bath basin or feeder equipped with a threaded base connector (sold separately - see accessories listed). Matching bird baths include Achla models BB02AB (ASIN B000B7OUIU), BP16T (ASIN B000AM8XY8), EBB01BL (ASIN B000AMB0BG), EBB01R (ASIN B000AMCAV0), and HBBB01 (ASIN B000AMCAVA). The Achla bird feeder model BF02 (ASIN B000AMCAUQ) can also be mounted on this stake.

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