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09.01.2006., ponedjeljak

Želite li kupiti hladno prešano ulje lana za Budwig protokol, moram vas razočarati, u Hrvatskoj ga nema! Naime ekolandovo ulje u ponudi Biovege ne zadovoljava osnovne preduvjete: nema četveromjesečno trajanje (rok od datuma punjenja do datuma istjeka, takozvani shelf life) nego mnogo duže i ne skladište ga u frižideru! Laneno ulje je toliko osjetljivo na užegnuće da ga i neotvorenog trebalo skladištiti i u hladnjaku, a ne samo nakon otvaranja.
Okus tog ulja nije orašast i ugodan, već kiselkasto gorak.

Javite svoja saznanja!

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Wilhelm H, moderator of the flax oil 2 for cancer healing discussion group

It is important that all foods are electron rich fresh foods, preferably organically grown and that much of it is eaten raw as in salads and juices, and that it is freshly prepared so as to supply a maximum of nutrients including electrons to the patient. Please note the emphasis on electrons... flaxseed oil is especially rich in these, but it has to be maximized from all sources. Every bit helps and all help is needed... because the neglected detail could be the one that tips the balance.

Daily reasonable exposure to the sun is very important.
Compare Healing With Light.
Environmental influences usually cannot be helped, but the immediate environment can be taken care of, like home pollution (sprays), radiation from electronic equipment can and should be avoided as much as possible. Also, synthetic clothing and bedding should be avoided - wool, linen and cotton should be used instead.

In cases where persons were too ill to eat, Dr. Budwig gave flaxseed oil enemas. She also developed a transition diet so that patients can gradually be conditioned to eat and tolerate the diet. See "Budwig Diet" in in the “Files” section of the flaxoil2 group. From 1968 on Dr. Budwig used Eldi Oil "R" for enemas. She also used Eldi Oils for body rubs which enhances the effectiveness of her diet. See "Eldi Oils" in the “Files” section of the flaxoil2 group under "Foods" for more information.*

Below is an outline (not detailed) of what a typical day on the Budwig Diet could be like. Drinking of water is self evident and is not shown. Neither are the wide variety of foods detailed except in a few instances.

First thing in the morning a glass of sauerkraut juice.

Breakfast - Green tea or herbal tea, Muesli, consisting of 3 tblsp flaxoil plus other ingredients (for recipe see the “Files” section of the flaxoil2 group under "Foods" under "Budwig Diet" and "Foods").*

Mid morning - vegetable juices, mainly carrot juice.

Before lunch - 2 tblsp ground flaxseeds stirred into a glass of champagne

Lunch - Salad and raw vegetables with flaxseed oil/cottage cheese (or quark) dressing or mayonnaise (for mayonnaise recipe see the “Files” section of the flaxoil2 group under "Foods".)*

For steamed vegetables use spices and/or herbs, nutritional yeast flakes and Oleolux (for Oleolux recipe see the “Files” section of the flaxoil2 group under "Foods").*

For dessert - A tasty flaxseed oil/cottage cheese (or quark) dessert crčme

Mid afternoon - 2 tblsp ground flaxseeds stirred into a glass of champagne
2 tblsp ground flaxseeds stirred into a glass of juice

A little later - 2 tblsp ground flaxseeds stirred into a glass of papaya juice

Supper - Vegetable soup, well spiced, add Oleolux and nutritional yeast flakes after cooking

Enzymes are important. Dr. Budwig had her patients take papaya juice for enzymes. (Many people take enzyme supplements).

Eat whole and natural foods - organic where possible. Prepare foods fresh. Don't keep foods for the next meal or the next day.

It is very important to avoid unwholesome foods and substances such as hydrogenated fats, animal fats, sugar, white flour, preservatives, chemicals** and processed foods.

Also, Dr. Budwig was very much opposed to chemo and radiation therapy.

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