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China Inn Holland

china inn holland

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When I was staying in Yangshuo at the Holland Inn which was an old farmers house turned into a mini hotel I rented a bike and drove for 4 hrs. I am not sure how I made it back but lets just say 2 weeks later my ass is still killing me. The one thing I noticed while biking on a dirt raod along the river was the amount of chinese tourists on the river on bamboo rafts. It was inane where I could not even take pictures as I felt it was ugly, I can also imagine the strain on the river with so many boats and people on it everyday!!! When I went there 12 years ago everything was so pure and clean but today my heart bleeds for this natural beauty of land. I was lucky to get couple of shots with no tourists on the water from the Dragon Bridge, Yangshuo.

This is Holland!

This is Holland!

Sunday we went on another adventure. This time to Heusden here in Holland. It’s a fortified little town, adjacent to the Maas river. It’s surroundings looks like a fort, the way it’s landscaped etc. And they have loads of windmills and little bays where you can park your yaught (little harbours). Such a pretty place! Photo taken by my hubby ;)

china inn holland

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