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Quai Des Princes Residence Hotel. Cheap Hotels In Florida Beaches

Quai Des Princes Residence Hotel

quai des princes residence hotel

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Residence of chevaliers

Residence of chevaliers

Castle of the Teutonic Knights, Ellingen, Franconia (Bavaria)

Some background information:

In 1216 the famous order of the Teutonic Knights made the little town of Ellingen one of their residences and built a castle there. In the Renaissance period the castle was rebuilt and again it was rebuilt in the Baroque period. Today’s castle grounds date back on the reconstruction of 1711 to 1721.

In the course of the centuries and periods the different commanders of the Teutonic Knights controlled the bailiwick Franconia from Ellingen.

In the course of the secularization in 1809 the Teutonic Knights lost their remaining possessions in Germany.

In 1815 the Bavarian king Maximilian I Joseph presented his field marshal prince Carl Philipp von Wrede with the castle to appreciate his military merits. In 1939 the family von Wrede sold the castle to the Free State of Bavaria, which is still in possession of it.

Nowadays the castle is open to the public. Guided tours through the interiors can be booked.

By the way I took this picture on the day cyclone “Xynthia” reached Germany.

Paris: palais de la Légion d'Honneur, ou hôtel de Salm.

Paris: palais de la Légion d'Honneur, ou hôtel de Salm.

Le prince Frederic III de Salm-Kyrburg (1746-1794) (chef d'une branche de la maison de Salm), qui s'etait installe a Paris en 1771, avait herite d'une vaste fortune qui fut encore augmentee en 1781 par la dot de sa femme, la princesse Francoise de Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Il entreprit dans sa residence de Kirn des travaux pour lesquels il demanda des projets a l'architecte Jacques-Denis Antoine. De 1782 a 1787, il fit construire sur les plans de l'architecte Pierre Rousseau un magnifique hotel particulier sur les bords de la Seine, sur un terrain situe au bas de la rue de Bellechasse qu'il acquit du prince de Conti. L'entrepreneur fut Pecoul, allie de l'architecte. A ce niveau, le quai n'etait qu'un simple chemin de halage. Une terrasse fut construite pour elever le palais, mais la construction du mur de soutenement dans le sol marecageux de la Grenouillere fut delicate et les fondations exigerent de grands travaux pour en assurer la solidite (Wikipedia)

quai des princes residence hotel

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