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Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder: A Buddhist Prescription for ...

Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder: A Buddhist Prescription for ...

by Evelyn CashA few weeks ago, Jerry Kolber wrote an article on this blog about the Branding of Buddhism. His piece presented an intriguing argument for branding and popularizing Buddhism in order to make the Buddha#s valuable teachings ...

I think of Buddhism as existing, and being able to be followed, without beliefs. The Eightfold Path can be followed even if one believes in a creator god who will save him after death. Buddhism can help one now, and it certainly can#t ...

Fashion photographer embraces Buddhism -- Fashion photographer Clive Arrowsmith has all the qualities that... In Vesak Message, Vatican Praises Buddhism Buddhism and Christianity share a respect for poverty, the Vatican. ...

Buddhism. I#ve been reading a lot of Buddhist philosophy lately. It all started when I stumbled across a quote that changed how I#ve been trying to deal with people over the past few weeks. To paraphrase, the quote is: #Stop having ...

Buddhism is based on sila (precepts), samadhi (meditation) and panna (wisdom). According to Buddhism, the above three are the ways of salvation from all worldly sufferings. Buddhism says that the combination of sila, samadhi and panna ...

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